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Someone Made Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Out Of A GameCube Controller

While companies have made versions of the GameCube controller to use on the Switch, and even designed joy-con controllers that look like a GameCube version, the reality is they're not authentic GameCube controllers At least, not to hardcore fans Regular fans are fine with them because they know Nintendo won't make one But the diehards[...]

Best Buy Is Selling Exclusive Neon Green Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Best Buy Is Selling Exclusive Neon Green Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

In case you'd like a color change for your Nintendo Switch, Best Buy are selling a pair of exclusive joy-cons that you might be interested in The story has partnered with Nintendo to sell these neon green joy-cons for the regular price of $80 The reason this is such a big deal is that the[...]

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Nintendo Announces Two New Sets Of Joy-Cons In Neon

Nintendo has made a cool little announcement this week as they have introduced a new pair of neon Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch It's been a minute since the company offered any color changes, going back to around the time Super Mario Party was released for the console when they created yellow and green[...]

Powercast to Unveil Joy-Con Charging Controllers at CES 2019

One of the most annoying aspects to owning a Nintendo Switch has to be the charging of joy-cons Even of the console has got some power to it, the controllers tend to be the first things to go, even when mombie Wouldn't it be nice to charge them as you play as you can with Xbox[...]

Trying to Get an Edge With Kart Racing: We Review PDP's Hyper Drive Wheel

You take a joy-con controller from the switch and insert it into the middle of the wheel sideways, just as you would hold it for a game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The wheel comes with two bumper triggers on the back which gives your index fingers easier access to the bumper buttons The unit is[...]

Hori Makes a Switch Joy-Con With a Proper D-Pad

Have you ever played with the Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Cons connected and wished they just created a proper D-Pad for the device? Well, it looks like Hori is going to fill that void that Nintendo left open As you can see from the picture below, Hori has made their own proper Joy-Con with a D-Pad[...]

A Switch Accessory They Should Have Made Sooner

The 3D print is ingenious as it gives you a slightly better idea of how to hold a Joy-Con for most of the games you'll be playing And we're sure it'll be nice to have when a Punch Out game is eventually made If you'd like your own, you can purchase one from the creator for[...]