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Boys Run The Riot Volume 4 Review:
Light is rougher and more confrontational than Boys Run The Riot, and it makes me wonder what might've become of the series had writer/artist Keito Gaku continued in that vein. Boys Run The Riot Volume 4 might stumble during the landing, but that shouldn't distract your judgment from the routine it just completed. RIOTS ARE ALL THE[...]
Boys Run The Riot Volume 2 Review:
Boys Run The Riot Volume 2, unlike the work of many of Keito Gaku's contemporaries, moves quickly There's still space to introduce new characters, but the story has velocity, informed by the struggles of the group and main character Maybe it's a matter of available pages: Boys Run The Riot is only four volumes long, and[...]
Some Thoughts On Boys Run The Riot Volume One
Artist and writer Keito Gaku cleverly parallels Ryo's story with the story of Ryo's classmates in their struggle for acceptance in high school. The Cover To Boys Run The Riot Volume One Boys Run The Riot's vector for self-expression is streetwear, which is novel to me Ryo meets his class's delinquent (Jin) at a streetwear pop-up, and[...]