When a Comic Book Facebook Group Gets Political The Day Before a General Election

So there's a General Election happening tomorrow in Britain. Yes, another one. It is currently expected that Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party will be returned to government with a small majority – but it is in no way certain. The Conservative Party has had to throw their usual fiscal conservatism to the dogs, and […]

British General Election Gets a Batman/Joker Video Asking if Batman Is The Bad Guy?

Momentum is a British political organisation, founded in 2015 as a grassroots movement supportive of current Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party he leads. Since January 2017, all Momentum members must also be or become members of the Labour Party and the organisation has 40,000 members in 2019. And with the […]

People Wake Up To… The British General Election

In Britain, the General Election is underway. Everyone gets to vote on for a local Member of Parliament, and then whichever party can form a majority of MPs gets to form the government. Except with the latest polls giving Labour and Conservative parties 34.1% each and the vote not concentrated enough thanks to the efforts […]

Ed Miliband As Charles Atlas, Hero Of Brighton Beach

Steve Bell uses the classic Charles Atlas comic strip ad to portray Labour Party leader and Leader Of The Opposition, Ed Miliband, at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton for the Guardian newspaper. As he says in the video below, "Apologies to Charles Atlas… and the unnamed person who drew the strip!" Unnamed indeed…

Hasbro Hit By Sweatshop Allegations Over Bumblebee And Other Transformers

UPDATE: Hasbro has now responded to the allegations below. The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has condemned Hasbro for working conditions in its toy factories in a forty page report, specifically mentioning the Transformer Bumblebee, just in time for Christmas. Many small children – and quite a few big children too – will […]

Scottish Politicians Fight Over Comic Book Course

Tom Harris, Labour member of Parliament, we thought we knew you. Popular geeky online politician, blogger, tweeter, before it was fashionable for a politician to do such a thing, and you've never sent a yfrog of your penis to anyone. Your Twitter background is that of a TARDIS for goodness sake and you are a […]

The Human Millipede

The Labour Party leadership contest is currently underway in the UK. But Dodgem Logic contributor David Quantick has written a drama, Miliband Of Brothers, based on the rivalry of the two favourites, Ed Miliband and David Miliband, siblings standing for the position. It will broadcast on September the 24th the night before the election result. […]