Life Size Iron Man Mark 85 Statue from Beast Kingdom

Iron Man Gets a Life-Size Endgame Statue from Beast Kingdom

Prices and release dates have not been given just yet but you will be able to find him when he is live and more Beast Kingdom products here. [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="1200395,1200394"][gallery size="large" link="file" ids="1200389,1200390,1200391,1200393,1200392,1200396,1200397,1200398,1200399,1200400,1200402,1200408"][gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="1200405,1200407"] “In order to create the ultimate in realistic life-size recreations, Beast Kingdom, ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’ has[...]

Alien Life Size Big Chap Statue from Hollywood Collectibles Group

Alien Big Chap Gets a $7000 Life Size Statue from HCG

Alien is literally coming to life with a brand new life size collectible from Hollywood Collectibles Group. They have announced that the infamous Big Champ Alien which was the antagonist from the first film is next will a new replica. This iconic science fiction beast was fully recreated from actually molds form the costumes used […]


Superman Gets a Life Size "Justice League" Bust from Infinity Studios

Infinity Studios is bringing Henry Cavill's Superman to life with a new DC statue bust. This is no ordinary bust either as it is life size and hyper realistic. It is from the movie, Justice League, and Superman is here to save the day and also your collection. The bust stands quite tall at 2ft […]


Life-Size The Child Announced by Hot Toys

This is the Mandalorian collectible fans have been waiting for and will be a must have for any Star Wars fans. Pre-orders and prices are not live just yet but you will be able to find The Child located here once live.Protect the bounty at all costs.[caption id="attachment_1185716" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Credit: Hot Toys[/caption]The Mandalorian - The[...]

Baby Yoda Revealed by Sideshow Collectibles, Details Are Here!

Baby Yoda Revealed by Sideshow Collectibles, Details Are Here!

We finally have details for the upcoming Sideshow Collectibles The Child aka Baby Yoda Life-Size figure We recently saw that their site crashed when they announced the pre-order and now with the chaos calming down we finally get more details and pictures Baby Yoda will be a 1:1 scale figure that is 16.5” tall and[...]

The Jokers Gets a Life Size Bust from Sideshow Collectibles

The Jokers Gets a Life Size Bust from Sideshow Collectibles

You can see his eyes now as Sideshow Collectibles opens up pre-orders for their new life-size bust of The Joker The Joker Life-Size Bust stands 27.5” tall and rests on a silver base with rust styled paint on it The statue gives us Joker’s crazy smile with an expression that can light up any room[...]

Batman Gets a Life-Size Bust for His Tactical Suit from Infinity Studio

Batman Gets a Life-Size Bust for His Tactical Suit from Infinity Studio

Infinity Studios is bringing Batman back in the spotlight yet again in a new life-size bust The bust stands 37 inches tall in features swap out eyepieces, one being the shades and the other just his eyes The statue is highly detailed, almost realistic with Ben Affleck’s take on the character You can even see the[...]

Bring home the life-size murder clown Pennywise by NECA 

Pennywise Comes Home with New Life-Size Replica by NECA 

This is no different this life-size foam statue of Pennywise is pretty awesome He stands over 6 feet tall, and it is even hand-painted to make sure all the details are perfect He is made out of latex and foam but that just means it’s easier to move around But this could also mean it[...]

Wolverine Life-Size Bust Preorders Available Tomorrow from Sideshow

Woverine is getting a life-size bust Sideshow Collectibles will be offering a ridiculously awesome bust of The Best There Is at What He Does at a 1:1 scale He will be in his brown suit, arguably his best Come to think of it: what is Wolverine's best look? Let me know down below -- I[...]

Baby Groot Life-Size Figure Dances his Way to Collections From Hot Toys

Baby Groot is getting a second Life-Size figure release from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 This version is from the beginning of the film where he dances through the opening credits/battle to ELO's "Mr Blue Sky" He has not a care in the world, as evidenced by the grin on his face here There[...]

Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet 4

Hot Toys Reveals Its Version of the Infinity Gauntlet

It shares a lot of similarities with the hasbro one: it has light-up Infinity Stones, and it's life-size It does come with a base as well This is not up for preorder yet, but expect it to cost a lot.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="804330,804331,804332,804335"] Avengers: Infinity War – Infinity Gauntlet Life-Size CollectibleSince the debut of promotional materials[...]

Joker Gets the Creepiest Bust of All Time from Hollywood Icon Rick Baker

It will be a 1:1 scale bust as well, so life-size! Baker had this to say when asked about creating the piece:[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="793182,793179"] “When DC Collectibles approached me about this project, I told them I was interested, but wanted complete control of the design,” recalls Baker “I figured they wouldn’t go for it, but[...]

Boba Fett Life Size Sideshow Bust 12

Boba Fett Gets the Life-Size Bust of Our Dreams from Sideshow

Boba Fett is getting a life-size bust based on his appearance in Return of the Jedi Sideshow looks to have really outdone themselves this time This one will go up to preorder today, and will retail for a whopping $1300.As you wish Sideshow is proud to present the Boba Fett Life-Size Bust Created in partnership[...]

Kylo Ren Gets a Life-Size Bust from Sideshow Collectibles

Kylo Ren is getting a life-size bust thanks to the fine folks over at Sideshow Collectibles Shipping in late spring/early summer of 2018, this bust is the ultimate collectible for the fan of the new era of Star Wars This also would look amazing next to the life-size busts for Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper.“You[...]

Your Favorite Heroes, As Large As Life… And In Your House

Are you a huge fan of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Can't wait to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the big screen? Do you have a large empty space in your house and money burning a hole in your wallet? I might be able to help you out. Section 9 has two life sized statues […]