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Mrs. Doubtfire: Dir. Chris Columbus Says R-Rated Cut Exists, No NC-17
NC-17? No way." Lisa Jakub, who played older daughter Lydia, wrote, "I'd watch that." He also said the 'definitive version' is the one that's out there, so maybe now yall can stop 'demanding' I help get this released? 😂 But if wanna watch Dad swear (and sweat profusely), go watch his standup! He does plenty of[...]
'Mrs. Doubfire' Released 25 Years Ago, and We STILL Love it
Played by Lisa Jakub, Matthew Laurence, and Mara Wilson, the three kids (Lydia, Chris, and Natalie) revealed their first experiences with Williams in complete Euphegenia makeup. "I remember being introduced to [director] Chris Columbus' mother and thinking I had to really make small talk and be charming because this was my boss' mom," Jakub, who was 14 when she[...]