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Macbeth as a Horror Shakespeare Graphic Novel
Macbeth was always my favourite Shakespeare Fantasy, politics of the royal court, murder, mystery, ghosts, stabbings, battles, knife-directed monologues, handwashing, and a comic porter, as well as a plot designed to flatter King James I or King James IV depending on where you live, and cement his divine right to rule over a united Scotland[...]
Cover image for TRAGEDIE OF MACBETH #1 (OF 2)
The Prague Shakespeare Company's version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth has proved the inspiration for Stewart Kenneth Moore's graphic novel version of Macbeth being published by Clover Press, along with Fishhead: The Art Of Ray Troll, in Clover's September 2022 solicitations, below – though both coming out in October.   TRAGEDIE OF MACBETH #1 (OF 2) CLOVER PRESS, LLC JUL221407 (W)[...]
Doctor Who: BBC Releases Video of 10th Doctor’s Best Moments
David Tennant, arguably the most popular Doctor Who of this generation, plays Macbeth in BBC Radio 4's production It was kind of inevitable, really For every classically-trained actor, Shakespeare is the pinnacle, the top of a mountain to claim A tragedy of a man driven by ambition to commit murder, then finds his life empty[...]
Joel Cohen's 'Macbeth' May Star Frances McDormand, Denzel Washington
The most recent example would have to be the gender-swapped The Tempest starring Dame Helen Mirren, but this next one sounds even more awesome. Joel Cohen is reportedly working on a version of the-play-that-must-not-be-named in the theatre (what? actors are almost a more superstitious lot than professional athletes), the "Scottish Play", aka Macbeth[...]
Michael Fassbender As Macbeth In First Trailer
You can have your Romeo & Juliets and your Hamlets… for my money the best Shakespeare play and the one most deserving of a big screen adaptation is Macbeth A play about murder, betrayal, manipulation, insanity and supernatural forces… it has everything you need to make a blockbuster And now its getting a chance with[...]
Walter White, Macbeth of American Suburbia – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Unlike Tony Soprano, who was born into organised crime and trying to live a middle-class family life, Walter White is a middle-class family man who becomes a gangster, a kind of fantasy that many people have, especially those who enjoy gangster stories. I'd been saying for years, since Season One, that this show was really "Macbeth[...]
Stan And Jack Via Macbeth And Banquo's Ghost In The Boys
But here's a brief look at last month's issue of The Boys, featuring our ever loveable Stan Lee analogue berating someone who appears to be a Jack Kirby substitute, in the manner of Macbeth to the dead Banquo… thought it was worth enjoying again. THE BOYS #68 32 pages FC  • $3.99  •  Mature Written by GARTH[...]