We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play

Xbox 20/20 Gets Madden Fans Hyped for Madden 21

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahones introduced the next installment of the legendary Madden line during today's Xbox 20/20 presentation Acknowledging the game's long, celebrated history, Xbox took us through a quick look back through the various Madden games Starting from 1988 through today, fans got a few brief seconds of seeing what Madden 21 may[...]

Patrick Mahomes Named Madden NFL 20 Cover Athlete

Patrick Mahomes Named Madden NFL 20 Cover Athlete

A little late on the news from us, but EA Sports has found their cover athlete for Madden 20 in Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs The company made the announcement with a video last week, along with the news that the game will be released on August 2nd, 2019 for PC, PS4, and[...]

The Madden Curse Finally Got To Tom Brady At The Super Bowl

Within moments of the New England Patriots losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, the hashtag #MaddenCurse immediately started trending, solidifying yet another victim in the game's long history of screwing over the cover model Digital Trends may have to update their listing about the fabled curse, but for the uninitiated, the Madden Curse is[...]

Rob Gronkowski Mocks The Madden Curse In New Video

The Madden curse is a long held superstition that a player who gets named the Madden cover star after a great season, will either have a bad season, get injured or have something else damaging happen to them in the next.It struck again this year with Rob Gronkowski The tight end was injured earlier in[...]

New Madden Screenshots Show A Significant Graphical Upgrade

Even the worst games can have compelling screenshots.Having said that, these Madden 16 are very promising EA say they have implemented a new lighting system that will help emphasize the new graphical upgrades of the game This certainly looks much better than last years entry, and that was a significant jump for the series.Check them[...]

Madden 16 Has Been Dated For August

I actually know a lot of geeky people who are really into the NFL and Madden's numbers often reflect that.That's why the game is a yearly purchase in my household.While we don't know much about Madden 16 yet, we do now have a release date Unsurprisingly, it's set for its usual time period The game[...]

Madden 15 Predicts Who's Going To Win The SuperBowl

Overblown adverts, lots of awesome trailers for upcoming movies, a huge half-time show, the aforementioned big game and of course, lots and lots and lots of predictions.On that front, there have been predictions galore this week and EA have of course chimed in with their annual Madden prediction You can watch the game here.[youtube][/youtube]It's a close one,[...]