Madden 15 Predicts Who's Going To Win The SuperBowl

It's game day as the Seahawks and Patriots are set to go at it for SuperBowl XLIX down in Phoenix. That means a few things. Overblown adverts, lots of awesome trailers for upcoming movies, a huge half-time show, the aforementioned big game and of course, lots and lots and lots of predictions.

On that front, there have been predictions galore this week and EA have of course chimed in with their annual Madden prediction. You can watch the game here.


It's a close one, so close in fact I can't help but think this has been doctored a fair bit, but the Patriots come away with the trophy in a last minute win.

According to Forbes, EA have a 8-3 record for predicting the winner of the SuperBowl over the last 11 years. They got it wrong last year though, so we will see.

Me? Despite being a Cardinals fan and hating to see one of our rivals leave of our locker room winners, I'm guessing the Seahawks take the trophy. Good D beats Good O almost every time.