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Things To Do In London… If You Like Comics – March 2020
Things to do in London in March 2020… if you like comics, of course And live in, or can get to, that there London Exhibitions followed by events… let us know if we missed any. Exhibitions: The Cartoon Museum: Drawing Life A new display showcasing the very best of the Cartoon Museums collection of cartoon art, curated[...]
Rick And Morty's Final Comic Book, in Oni Press' March 2020 Solicitations
Oni Press has had a licence to create Rick & Morty comics for five years, up in March 2020 And a final issue for the series part five of the five-part story The Rickoning And also Invader Zim is moving to quarterly publication… it's all change at Oni Press What will happen in April? Not[...]
Wicked Things and King Of Nowhere Launch in Boom Studios March 2020 Solicitations
Boom Studios has a busy March 2020 and months ahead – a new Fence original graphic novel called Rivals from C.S Pacat and Johanna the Mad, a new R.L Stine graphic novel Just Beyond, John Allison and Max Sarin's Wicked Things, a Maxwell Prince and Tyler Jenkins' King Of Nowhere series and graphic memoir Happiness Will[...]