Tuesday Runaround – Pwning Super Noobs

SpawnWatch: From Spawn #201

Tuesday Runaround – Pwning Super Noobs

SecretWatch: See, lamestream media? The Edmonton Journal doesn't feel the need to spoil Fantastic Four. And Comics Alliance decides that it could only be the figure in question by looking at all the obvious hints. Obvious after the spoiler has been published, that is.

VampireWatch: Throne Of Blood: Birth Of A Vampire puts the X-Men Vampire story right into the middle of Fear Itself, it seems.

Tuesday Runaround – Pwning Super Noobs

GameWatch: Playing the DCU Online game… will you be a bastard or not?

StudyWatch: Dennis O'Neil, formerly of this parish, is relaunching his 10 week course in writing comic books and graphic novels at New York University?s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, beginning on February 23rd.

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.


For next three months Spawn comic comes out twice a month.

Sony Online Entertainment: DC Universe Online Our Fastest-Selling Game – Page 1

Sony Online Entertainment is flying high today, announcing that its new superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, has become the fastest-selling title in the company's 16-year history. SOE also has a message for all you Batman and Superman apprentices out there: the publisher/developer has heard your feedback, and several fixes, tweaks, and new features for DCUO are now in the works.

Armed and Dangerous » Blog Archive » Cthulhu and Christ

This is a brilliant piece of art. While it helps to have a prior acquaintance with the 'Cthulhu Mythos' that H.P. Lovecraft developed in now-classic horror stories of the 1920s and '30s, Hallis does a vivid and effective job of conveying the central themes and feel of the Mythos. But the truly subversive genius of this cartoon lies elsewhere…about which more after you have read it.

Kandor in L.A.? Superman's bottle city part of new art exhibit | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

The linchpin is Kandor, fictional capital city of Superman's home planet, Krypton, which super-villain Brainiac shrunk to miniature size. In a 1958 DC Comic, published when Kelley was a kid, Superman retrieved little Kandor and kept it in a glass bell-jar pumped full of artificial atmosphere. Kelley's sleek Kandor models, made from illuminated cast-resin, are a mind-bending metaphor for the synthetic, scientifically driven, highly infantilized and thoroughly mediated bubble in which modern life is lived…

J.H.Williams III Interview – Part 1 on Vimeo

Video interview at Orbital


Interview: Michael Murphey, iVerse, CEO

I can't give exact sales figures at this time – but I can say that compared to what is being reported the total market for digital comics was in 2010 — if those numbers are correct, iVerse powered products are doing as well, or better, than anything out on the market. I suspect those numbers are a bit lower than they should be, and I'm not exactly sure how they determined that number…since I know they didn't talk to a number of major digital publishers and distributors about it…but I was very surprised at the projected total.

Web Software Architect at Marvel Entertainment, LLC – PHP – Stack Overflow Careers

Marvel Entertainment is seeking a talented Web Software Architect. As a Web Software Architect, you will help create the architectural framework that guides Marvel's interactive digital products, including the Marvel.com collection of Web sites and various mobile offerings. You will be involved in the design and development of cutting-edge Web applications, defining system architecture to achieve scalability and reliability goals, and researching new technologies for our evolving business systems.

About Bane in the New Bat Movie – Gail Simone

I don't know Tom Hardy, I don't know much about him. I'm told he was in Inception and Star Trek, but I don't recognize him or remember him in those films. What I DID see him in, is Branson.

An Interview With Nick Cardy

Well, the first work I got was with Will Eisner when he had the studio with…Iger, Bill Iger. That was around 1939, 1940. I was 18 and 19.

Tor Flies High with Comics and Manga

Tor also works closely with Dynamite in the comics shop market (aka the direct market), a network of about 2,000 stores serviced by Diamond Comics Distributors that specialize in traditional comic books and now book-format comics. "The Jordan comics do well in comic shops," Singer said. "We know we can get Jordan fans in the book market, but selling first into comics shops has gotten us great advance reviews and it gives us sales and marketing data we can use to create quality adaptations."

Agent M Loves Tacos – On Wizard.

I'm rambling. I have a sleeping kitten on my lap and a cramp in my side because I don't want to disturb her. I know, if you look around a bit on the webz, you'll read a smattering of stuff on the demise of Wizard. No ill-will here. I owe so so so much to Wizard, my time at Wizard and the people I worked with (not necessarily who we worked for, if you follow) at Wizard. I'm very sad to see Wizard and ToyFare go and I really do hope the new Wizard World kicks ass. Rambling. Kitty. Something. Yeah.

Digital Comics Pioneer comiXology Discusses Its Past and Future at Comic Book News, Reviews, and Previews – The Blog From Another World

This question came up with the great surge in trade paperbacks in the first decade of the century, too, but that didn't spell the end of them. Part of the reason floppies work is that it fits well [within] the production capabilities of the creators. It takes time to craft 22 pages, and being able to give fans something every month makes sense.

Meet the CBLDF, the people who make sure you aren't arrested for reading comic books

In the courtroom, CBLDF is currently challenging unconstitutional laws in Alaska and Massachusetts that would censor content online, including comics. Outside the courtroom we're creating a fan's guide to customs. More and more people are being harrassed, arrested, and intimidated by customs offices around the globe because of the comics on their electronic devices, so we're putting together some best practices that will help people travel more safely. We're also working on a new library resource we hope to be able to release more data about in a few weeks.

Let's Do the Math: Digital Comics Revenues vs. Print Comics Revenues

Let's start out with Millar's public outing of the Comixology revenue share: Apple gets 30% and then the remaining 70% is split between Comixology and whoever owns the comic. (This is not the first time I've heard this formula and I suspect it's a relatively standard one for the various entities with smartphone/tablet/web comics platforms.)<br />
Millar has some extra entanglements involving a publisher and an agent getting their sliver of the 35% left, so we're just going to keep this total dollars derived from the comics.

Former Wizard Employee Speaks

A few weeks ago I heard some talk of having our magazine published on the iPad through Comixology. Having had some experience with digital publishing I suggested to the editorial director and most senior member of the editorial staff that pages might need to be re-thought to fit the format. He seemed very confused as to what that even meant as far as workflow, etc. I later heard that the iPad idea was dead.

Vermont names country's first ever Cartoonist Laureate: James Kochalka | The Beat

What do you do with a man with a wild mind of his own and a pair of drawing hands that just won't quit? You make him KING.

Dark Horse President Talks 'Xerxes' And The Relaunch Of 'Dark Horse Presents'

"Frank is concerned with doing the best comic series that he can," said Richardson. "As always, he's focused on what he's doing, and he's trying to make this the best story he possibly can. He's having a lot of fun with it, and the stuff looks sensational. We have a few issues of the book in, the story is done, and he's just executing the comic series now. It's going to run a number of issues."

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