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Speculator Corner: So What Is The First Appearance Of Death's Head Anyway?

Does that mean the value of his previous appearances will rise? It depends - do Marvel have big plans to revive Death's Head, put him in Guardians Of The Galaxy, make his the centrepiece for their next cosmic event? Or is it a trademark move now that Dark Horse are publishing Death Head? Only time[...]

A Few Creative Details For The Marvel UK Revolutionary War

Courtesy of the Starlogged blog at the London Film And Comic Con earlier this month, with the team talking about the current Revolutionary War event at Marvel comics, reviving the old Marvel UK characters of the nineties. An undefined period of time has passed since the original sub-universe and MyS-TECH have been defeated.  In a parallel[...]

Marvel's Revolutionary War – Monday Trending Topics

There is no cloth or leather used in these parts, but rather texturing added in ZBrush Most-Read Comic Stories Monday: First Art: Death's Head II And Marvel UK's Return In January Steve Wacker tweeted this image over the weekend, saying “A very small peek at something that is really, really, actually happening…Revolutionary War starts in January. Speculator Corner -[...]

First Art: Death's Head II And Marvel UK's Return In January

But there's also what seems to be MI5's Pete Wisdom sporting his energy blades as Wolverine claws, and Marvel UK's Dark Angel sticking in With what appears to be a Union flag in the background With the title "Revolutionary War", could we be seeing a UK Vs UK event in the Marvel Universe?As previously announced[...]

Diamond Drops Marvel UK Titles

My first superhero comic book I remember buying was a copy of the Fantastic Four weekly in the early eighties, reprinting Lee and Kirby Fantastic Four in black and white, published by Marvel UK and sold at my local newsagent It would be another eight years until I would discover the existence of a comic[...]

The Typos That Bind

So we're glad to see that Marvel UK is having the same problem.I don't think it's gone to print yet Still time to fix it, you Panini pixies.If not, just try and persuade people that this is the English spelling And at least you are consistent. Bleeding Cool does a fine line in typos[...]

John McCrea Bids Farewell To Marvel UK

But he's also done a number of traditional superhero books along the way.And of late, he's been drawing eight page stories for Marvel UK newstands kids comics, Spectacular Spider-Man and Marvel Heroes.And he's posted a few panel and cover examples on Facebook, telling people he's going to miss working on these stories.Bleeding Cool recently ran[...]

My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #4 – Skinning Up

Phill Hall used to be the News editor for Comics International before launching the PDF comics magazine Borderline before abandoning comics altogether. Now, however, he is going to look back on it all for Bleeding Cool. As I alluded to, Dez Skinn is known in comics fandom (a concept explained later) as 'The British Stan […]