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Bray Wyatt Has Been Found; WWE Wrestler Was Missing Since Monday Night

Good news! Bray Wyatt has finally been located after going missing after falling into the Lake of Reincarnation during the Ultimate Deletion match between Wyatt and Matt Hardy on WWE Raw last Monday Wyatt lost the match, but more frighteningly, after being pinned, Hardy threw him into the lake and he hadn't been seen since[...]

ultimate deletion epilogue matt hardy

WWE's Ultimate Deletion Gets an Epilogue

WWE has released an epilogue to last Monday's Ultimate Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt The match saw Wyatt tossed into the Lake of Reincarnation, and the former WWE Champion hasn't been seen since Presumably, he has drowned The last words from Wyatt's Twitter account were, "Goodbye.", at least one part of Wyatt[...]

WWE Asks Fans Which of Matt Hardy's Broken Characters They Want to See

Ahead of Ultimate Deletion, WWE's upcoming sequel to past Hardy Compound matches from rival Impact Wrestling, has posted a poll asking fans "which member of Matt Hardy's trusted platoon" they most want to see in WWE Filming has reportedly already begun on Ultimate Deletion, which will presumably act as the culmination of the feud[...]

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Delightful! WWE's Ultimate Deletion Will Take Place at the Hardy Compound

Over the weekend, we told you about WWE's cryptic hints that something called "Ultimate Deletion" was in the cards for the feud between Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, and we speculated, as most probably did, that this could be a sequel to Hardy Compound events filmed for Impact Wrestling such as Final Deletion and Total[...]

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WWE Teases "The Ultimate Deletion" Coming Soon – Maybe at WrestleMania?

WWE may have teased the next phase of its plans for Woken Matt Hardy On Twitter, the company posted the following message: tweet linked to a article, and the article referred to a tweet by Hardy himself, which read: to returning to WWE last year, Hardy was doing his current gimmick in Impact Wrestling[...]

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The Giggling Men, Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, Face off in Elimination Chamber

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy have a weird relationship Their promos at each other are weird, and they spend the majority of the time laughing at each other It's fantastic, I promise. match last night started off weird As Hardy waited for Wyatt to enter the ring, the stadium went dark[...]

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Impact's Ed Nordholm Regrets Feuding with Hardys over Broken Gimmick

Now that the dust has settled and Matt Hardy has won the legal battle with Impact Wrestling, obtaining full ownership of the trademarks of his Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm, who once posted what he claimed was Hardy's contract on Twitter as part of their ongoing feud over the gimmick, has[...]

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To Crush Impact and Make Matt Hardy Great Again, WWE Hires Jeremy Borash

In addition to his on-air role as an announcer, Borash was also heavily involved in creative and production, including with the Broken Matt Hardy angle.Fans who have seen Hardy's Woken Matt Hardy reprise in WWE might have noticed that the character has been a bit lacking, and that could be due to the lack of[...]

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Could Oprah Winfrey Face off Against Woken Matt Hardy in 2020 Presidential Bid?

Enter Woken Matt Hardy, the demented pro wrestler currently campaigning against Bray Wyatt on WWE's Raw brand.Hardy took to Twitter to declare that, contrary to President Donald Trump's claims, it is Matt Hardy who is the TRUE "stable genius." is referring to a series of tweets by Trump in response to questions about his intelligence[...]

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Woken Matt Hardy to Stump for Mayoral Candidate Kane at Campaign Event

In that way, Jacobs is a lot like President Donald Trump, who frequently chokeslams former allies metaphorically by saying they've lost their minds and are less important than they claim to be.Jacobs appears to be pushing hard to liken his campaign to Trump, as, just like Trump's political agenda, the latest celebrity to endorse Jacobs[...]

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Obsessed with Cake, John Cena's Dad Says Woken Matt Hardy Sucks

Cena was interviewed (by his own website) once again, and this time, instead of running down Jinder Mahal, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss, his rage was focused on one single talent: Matt Hardy.Hardy recently won back the right to use his "Broken" gimmick in WWE, though he has to refer to it as "Woken" instead,[...]

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WWE Superstar Matt Hardy is Woken on Christmas Eve

In what some might call a Christmas miracle, Matt Hardy finally regained the ability to use his Broken character developed during his time in Impact Wrestling, just in time for the holidays Hardy's new character isn't exactly "Broken," however Instead, Hardy is "Woken," though it's basically the same thing Hardy took to YouTube to post[...]

Matt Hardy Was Fully Woken on Monday Night Raw Last Night

Woken Matt Hardy, we knew you'd come!Months of Twitter drama culminated last night as Matt Hardy appeared fully in character using his Broken gimmick, for which he and his wife Reby Hardy have been fighting with former employers Impact Wrestling over since early in 2017 Well, sort of Hardy's new character is "Woken" instead of[...]

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Matt Hardy Is More "Woken" Than Ever in New Video on WWE Instagram

Matt Hardy's transformation into "Woken" Matt Hardy is nearly complete Following reports that WWE was planning to create a new character for Hardy, with new character here defined as a character exactly the same as Hardy's "Broken" character from Impact Wrestling except owned by WWE, the pro wrestling company has posted a video of Hardy[...]


The Weekly Static s01e16: Fake News, Fairy Tales, and FTWD

Fires Andrew Kreisberg in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations Fuller and Michael Green Exit American Gods as Showrunners! Matt Hardy Has Won the War with Impact Over Broken Gimmick Omens: Neil Gaiman Unveils First Look at Jon Hamm’s Gabriel All Access Lands Kevin Williamson Fairy Tale Series Tell Me a Story Cena Sued by Ford[...]

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2 Major Wrestling Stars Teasing WWE Debut

If not, scroll below to find out who might show up on Raw or SmackDown Live in the near future.Following Matt Hardy's breakdown on Raw last Monday and reports that Impact Wrestling would no longer contest Hardy's ownership of the "broken" gimmick, rumors swirling around the dirt sheets say that WWE is planning to create a[...]