The Weekly Static s01e16: Fake News, Fairy Tales, and FTWD

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It's the weekend, kids! Time to spill out on the streets of stars and ride away. Try to find out what you are, face to face. And once you've had enough? Carry on, but don't forget to love…The Weekly Static!

But before we go any further, you should know why it is I've gathered all of you together this evening. There is a murderer on the loose, ladies and gentlemen…and that person is in this room with us at this very moment.

Isn't that right…

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With props to Kings of Leon and a song meant to be played before, during and after doing something incredibly f'n profound, here's a personalized cheat sheet on what this is all about: The Weekly Static is my righteously desperate-yet-endearing attempt at finding the lighter side and an interesting perspective on the past week in the land of the networks, cable, streaming, smoke signals, cloud formations, and shadow puppets.

Our goal? Pretty simple:

● Offer a blunt, honest perspective on a handful of random TV news posts from the past week that also highlights your relentless team of news-thirsty Bleeding Cool writers and the quality work they do.

● Spotlight a news item we missed, but we're pretty damn sure you'll find it interesting.

● Feed my insatiable ego with humble offerings of praise, adulation, social media shares, pizza, Superman Funkos, and a plethora of Eisner Award nominations. And at least one write-in vote in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election (and I wish I was joking about that one).

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The Weekly Static s01e16: Fake News, Fairy Tales, and FTWD

Syfy Launches Augmented Reality App to Promote 'Happy!' (EXCLUSIVE)

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"Ever wanted to know what it feels like to live with wondrous creatures that no one else can see? Then Syfy has the right show for you, and an augmented reality app to boot.

'Happy!,' which premieres on Syfy on December 6, is all about a cynical hit man who one day starts seeing a relentlessly optimistic winged unicorn, aptly named Happy.

'Happy!,' the augmented reality (AR) app, brings that same unicorn to your living room, ready to answer all of your questions, perform a bunch of tricks and — spoiler alert — defecate on your carpet. But it's not as bad as it sounds, because naturally, unicorns don't do turds.

The 'Happy!' AR app has been built by Syfy's digital arm, and was released for iPhone and Android Wednesday. It features the voice of Patton Oswalt, who also voices Happy in the show…"

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