Udon Megaman Mastermix

Megaman Back In Comics In Color With Mastermix #1 In Udon January 2018 Solicits

Megaman returns to comics with Udon's Megaman Mastermix #1' s reprint This time, it's in full color by original writer/artist Hitoshi Ariga. This will be the first time the character has seen print in the US since the hiatus from Archie Comics, the previous Megaman publisher. It will be out January 24th, 2018.Udon also returns to re-finish its first series, Street Fighter:[...]

Derek Charm Draws Jughead #7 And More From Archie Comics June Solicitations

The June solicitations for Archie Comics include two new trades collecting the Worlds Unite event featuring Sonic and Mega Man and the first Jughead trade collecting issues #1-6. Issue seven of Jughead has guest artist Derek Charm filling in. ARCHIE #9 Archie is forever barred from Lodge Manor! Now Veronica has to live in Archie's […]

Capcom Is Making A Life Size, Wearable MegaMan Helmet

MegaMan may not be the most popular of all the classic franchises, but the series does have a fiercely loyal fanbase It's also not hard to see that game's legacy still permeating through platforming games today It is a very important title in video game history.If you count yourself among the mega-fans of the series, here[...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Gets A Retro Game Makeover

I've seen quite a few pieces of fan art that depict the Guardians of the Galaxy in 8-bit form. It makes sense too, right? Peter Quill is taken by Yondu in 1988 in the film and the movie is steeped in that culture. It would make sense to draw the Guardians in the game capabilities […]

Archie Comics Gets Into The Teaser Image Game With Megaman

I think they're picking up on the teaser image promotion style so many other companies are using now.So Megaman this spring...This is the only thing we got from Archie Comics No description, no solicitation text, just an image I think they're picking up on the teaser image promotion style so many other companies are[...]