Mega Man X Statue in the Daily LITG, 16th of August 2022

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Mega Man X Statue in the Daily LITG, 16th of August 2022
Credit: PCS

LITG: Mega Man X Statue

  1. It is Time to Awaken Zero as PCS Debuts New Mega Man X Statue
  2. The Sandman Episode 5: How "24/7" Changed From Comics To Screen
  3. Comic Book Writer Ivan Brandon Suffers Heart Attack, Asks For Help
  4. Night Court Cast Checking In Before Filming Makes Us Very Happy
  5. Spider-Man And Mary Jane Top Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
  6. Warrior: Martial Arts Western Was Made for Bruce Lee & Action Fans
  7. Better Call Saul Honors "Breaking Bad" Spinoff's Most Important Player
  8. Rob Liefeld Talks About Acetategate
  9. Frank Miller's Sin City 1858 Western Is Called Blood And Dust
  10. Star Wars Revelations to Relaunch & Reinvent Marvel's Star Wars Comics

ICYMI: In case you missed it

Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream Coming From Hasbro
LITG Credit: Hasbro

LITG one year ago, We All Scream For Starscream

  1. Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream Coming From Hasbro
  2. The Sylveon Name Trick in Pokémon GO: Eeveelution Guide
  3. Night Court: Some Memories of a Classic Sitcom's Enduring Legacy
  4. Greg Berlanti & "Green" Arrow Convinced Stephen Amell to Return
  5. The Poorest Attempt To Remove An Artist Signature From A Marvel Cover
  6. Law & Order: Christopher Meloni & "Mom" Check In on Mariska Hargitay
  7. Killing Eve Star Jodie Comer: Season 4 Update; On Missing Villanelle
  8. Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day Makes Ben Reilly The Real Spider-Man
  9. As James Tynion IV Leaves Batman, Batman Leaves Gotham
  10. Batman '89 #1 Review: Pitch-Perfect
  11. The Title that Superman Couldn't Stop, Wonderworld Comics at Auction
  12. The Horror of Wally Wood in Avon's Eerie #2, Up for Auction
  13. Batman '89 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
  14. Batman '89 #1 Review: Pitch-Perfect
  15. Joe Quesada, John Romita Create Spider-Man 9/11 Memorial Comic
  16. The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #3 Review: Enthralling
  17. Bryan Hitch Has A New Superman Comic For 2022
  18. The Silver Age Debut of Electro in Amazing Spider-Man #9, at Auction 
  19. Hardware #1: Season One Review: Drastically Enjoyable
  20. TMNT: The Last Ronin Returns, Thank FOC It's Sunday, 6th of December
  21. How Much For Yesterday's Free Comic Book Day Titles On eBay?
  22. Pokémon GO on Free Comic Book Day, The Daily LITG, 15th August 2021

LITG two years ago, Wrestling, Pitches and Pokemon

DC Comics continued to cancel titles – but not Red Hood. Not then.

  1. WWE Took Back All of The Big Show's Slammy Awards
  2. Shawn Michaels Returning to WWE Raw Monday to Confront Randy Orton
  3. DC Comics to Publish Alan Moore's Twilight Of The Superheroes
  4. Understanding IVs In Pokémon GO: Rating Your Pokémon's Stats
  5. Dave Bautista Targeted on Social Media for Donald Trump Criticism
  6. DC Cancels Hellblazer, Hawkman, Teen Titans, Young Justice and More
  7. Ex-DC Publisher Dan DiDio Writes For Image Comics
  8. Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Make-Up Day Preparation Guide
  9. DC Comics Sold 300,000 Copies Of Three Jokers #1 – But How?
  10. Doctor Who Pond Family Reunion: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill

LITG three years ago,

DC Comics were doing their best to hide stuff even then.

  1. DC Comics Reveals Four Of The Infected Secret Six – Do We Have the Other Two?
  2. Were "Superman" #14 and "Supergirl" #33 Destroyed Over Racial Concerns? (Spoilers)
  3. The Legion Of Super-Heroes Preview That Didn't Appear In Today's DC Comics
  4. "The Flash" Season 6: Danielle Panabaker's "Hall of Villains" Post [Image]
  5. "Magic: The Gathering Arena" Planning New Innovations for 2020
  6. "The Walking Dead" Season 10: Carol & Alpha – 'Nuff Said? [BTS VIDEO]
  7. "Without Preacher Is Only Chaos" – AMC's Latest Evangelical Christian-Parody Ads in Today's DC Comics
  8. The Bankruptcy Of Loot Crate, the Subscription Service That Changed Comics
  9. First Official Mickey Mouse in the Marvel Universe For D23
  10. Mattel Teams Up With Star Wars To Bring New Barbie Figures

Comic Book birthdays today.

There might be partially slightly more of a party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date with twelve years for us as well.

  • Matt Jacobs, inker on Prototype, Grunts, Heroes Haven, the Boys
  • Simo Spano, author of Nine Stones
  • Olivier Pezeril, comics journalist
  • Tyler Walpole artist on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dungeons & Dragons

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