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Will Bakers Run Out Of Black Icing For DC Dark Nights: Metal #1 Cakes?

Both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have made certain artwork available legally to top cakes at any of the Marvel Legacy or Dark Nights: Metal "parties" used to promote their first issue launches.Here's how they could look Firstly, the DC Comics artwork for Metal.. and the legal paperwork courtesy of Adam Phillips to let bakers[...]

Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Matter Panel Talks Dark Multiverse Dangers

Bleeding Cool reporter Joe Glass writes:The panel to look at DC’s impending mega event, Dark Nights: Metal, and beyond at the Dark Matter line of titles, shapes up at SDCC 2017 With Metal’s creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, alongside Dark Matter contributors Steve Orlando, Philip Tan, James Tynion IV, Robert Venditti and more promised.Dan[...]

Brimstone Joins DC's 'Dark Matter' By Justin Jordan And Philip Tan

Two more titles have been announced for DC's Dark Matter lineup at the DC Metal panel at San Diego Comic Con We just told you about The Terrifics, by Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis, giving us the closest thing we're likely to get to a Fantastic Four comic for the foreseeable future Joining that book[...]

The Best Greg Capullo Cosplay At San Diego Comic-Con Was By Scott Snyder

For another, it's hard to get fake muscles to be that large and still look realistic.Still, one daring cosplayer was willing to take on the challenge: Dark Nights: Metal writer Scott Snyder! Snyder stepped out at the DC Metal panel at San Diego Comic-Con today cosplaying his creative partner, and the DC twitter account captured[...]

DC Comics SVP Says Retailers Should Have Ordered More Copies Of Metal #1

DC Comics SVP John Cunningham told retailers at San Diego Comic-Con that Dark Days: Metal #1 will top the sales list for the month But he says that when he read the final page, he thought, "Oh shit, no one has enough books."He believes Tom King's Mister Miracle is "a work of genius" and that "he's[...]

DC Reveals Six Of Seven Twisted Batmen From 'Dark Nights: Metal'

We finally have our first good look at the main villains in the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal super-mega-crossover event from DC Comics.According to Newsarama, the group in the image above are called the Dark Justice League, and they're the big villains of DC Metal.As we know already, each is a twisted version of Batman mashed[...]

DiDio, Lee Joke and Discuss The Future Of DC At SDCC Panel

From Bleeding Cool reporter Nick Kazden:DC Comics has been having a great couple of months with the success of Rebirth and the excitement building around the upcoming Metal event series Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, co-publishers of DC, had a lively conversation with the audience that touched on everything from Batman/Elmer Fudd to a few[...]

The Batman Hater Rises – Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review

Its attempts to somehow connect most of the powerful weapons and artifacts in the DC Universe through the metal they’re made of came off like an idea that looks interesting on paper but only needlessly confuses in execution.Add to that the seemingly random artist shifts between three industry legends and some frustratingly convoluted reveals, Dark[...]

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Scott Snyder Reveals Some More About Metal And His 'Dark Crisis'

Dark Days: The Casting revealed plenty about the shape of things to come from DC in the very near future as part of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's event, Metal And as people pore over the pages and try to find every Easter egg, some are taking to just asking the writer.CBR did an interview[...]


[Spoilers] Dark Days: The Casting #1 Redefines Metahumans For DC

Do not scroll passed the spoiler warning unless you really want it.The Joker, who seems to know an awful lot about what is going on with the mystery of the strange metals and Dark Multiverse (I mean, it makes sense, he's basically still alive on account of the properties of one of those metals), relates[...]

Scott Snyder's Kids Explain DC Metal, Probably Better Than DC PR Will

Superstar writer and heroic champion of fan rights Scott Snyder has revealed an ultra-rare checklist variant for his and Greg Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal super-mege-crossover event Snyder posted the sure-to-appreciate-in-value variant on Twitter, where he revealed that he worked with future comics superstars Scott Snyder's kids to create it: course, we've seen DC's official version[...]

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All Star Batman #11 Review – The Secrets Of Fathers And Sons

But in this second part of the latest All Star Batman arc, we actually get to see some of this history of Bruce Wayne's oldest ally, friend and, let's face it, father-figure - and it also adds some interesting new ideas.[caption id="attachment_670493" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cover by Rafael Albuquerque[/caption]This story in an interesting way also feels[...]

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Could DC Comics Be Headed Toward A Trademark War With Gene Simmons Over Dark Nights: Metal Cover?

Tensions appear to be rising between comic book publisher DC Comics and KISS founder Gene Simmons as DC plans to launch its big super-mega-crossover event, Dark Nights: Metal The point of contention is artist Greg Capullo's cover for the event, revealed by writer Scott Snyder on Twitter: to Capullo, he had to "fight DC" for[...]

Dark Days: The Forge Review – A Deep Dive Into DC To Start New 'Metal' Event

[rwp-review-recap id="0"][caption id="attachment_656600" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Art by Andy Kubert[/caption]Dark Days: The Forge is our first piece of the story towards DC's big major crossover event, Metal It's also the first major crossover event that Scott Snyder has written that spans the whole DC universe, and not just the Bat-family So how does it stack up?In[...]