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Mick Foley addresses the nation one day before the election.
WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley urged Vince McMahon to remove President Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame Wednesday after the president riled up his supporters at a rally and dispatched them to invade the U.S Capitol building in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America. Mick Foley addresses the nation[...]
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There's few people out there who love Christmas more than Mick Foley The Hardcore legend enjoys dressing up as Santa Claus and even has a room in his home dedicated to Christmas 365 days a year But this year, in a fitting way for 2020 to end, Foley would not, as the song says, be[...]
Mick Foley addresses the nation one day before the election.
But the results as they stand so far, particularly the lack of a blowout for Joe Biden and Donald Trump apparently winning states like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas, have disheartened The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. Mick Foley addresses the nation one day before the election. Foley has been outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE[...]
Barack Obama Puts Over Mick Foley's Son, Dewey Foley
The son of wrestling legend Mick Foley and current member of WWE's creative team took to Twitter to announce that he'd voted for the first time. In October, Foley actually tweeted after voting early, saying, "First time voting, in the books In a state where my vote could make a difference. It could've taken 4 minutes, 4[...]
Mick Foley addresses the nation one day before the election.
Following in the footsteps of Dave Bautista, WWE star The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley has addressed the nation on the eve of what he calls the most important election of our lifetime Taking aim at his fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer, President Donald Trump, Foley asked a series of American voters' questions and then asked them to[...]
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Mick Foley was interviewed by Wrestling Inc this week, and he discussed his outspokenness against fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump According to Foley, when he tweeted that there should be witnesses called at Trump's impeachment trial, he lost 50,000 followers in one night However, like a true hardcore legend, even the loss of social[...]
Mick Foley Credits Dave Bautista for Political Testicular Fortitude
WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley is known for his amazing character work, his willingness to take incredible bumps, and his legendary understanding of wrestling psychology But nowadays, it seems, Mick wants to be known for doing the right thing when it comes to talking about politics on the internet. WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley goes hardcore on politics[...]
The official logo of the WWE.
Woo! The official logo of World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE. Mick Foley has quit Twitter, making him the latest in a long line of wrestlers to at least temporarily kick an addictive substance No word on why Foley left the social media service, though one can reasonably assume it has something to do with the fact that[...]
Mick Foley's wildest moments: WWE Playlist
WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley took to Twitter late Wednesday night to cut a promo on a stalker who parked at the top of Foley's driveway with the lights on after 2 AM Foley said the stalker took off when the Hardcore Legend went outside, presumably not wanting to receive a devastating mandible claw or double-arm[...]
Mick Foley praised the David Schultz episode of Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice.
Tracing how Schultz's career derailed after a violent run-in with 20/20 reporter John Stossel over how "real" professional wrestling was, the episode "David Schultz and The Slap Heard Round the World" earned another professional wrestling fan in legend Mick Foley. Mick Foley praised the David Schultz episode of Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice. In[...]
The official logo for the WWE Network.
According to WWE Network themed WWE Network news site WWE Network News, WWE Untold: I Am The Game will follow Triple H's storied career at the turn of the millennium, with a special focus on The Game's feud with Mick Foley. The official logo for the WWE Network. The Origins of Today's Triple H This was an interesting[...]
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Mick Foley's last match in WWE took place over eight years ago Since then, the legendary wrestler once dubbed "Foley is God" by fans has remained retired from in-ring competition It's a well-deserved retirement Few wrestlers past or present can claim to have put their body through as much punishment for the entertainment of fans[...]
WWE Has Finally Crossed the Line by Making Mick Foley Feel Bad
But with the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE has finally gone too far because, this time, they've made Mick Foley feel bad about himself. Foley appeared on Raw Monday to unveil a new WWE Championship, the 24/7 title Emblematic of all of WWE's problems since the end of the Attitude Era, the company took[...]