WWE Has Finally Crossed the Line by Making Mick Foley Feel Bad

A lot has been said of WWE's recent creative troubles. In truth, the company's storylines started going downhill the second WCW went out of business and they no longer had legitimate competition to worry about, and the ratings followed suit, entering a steady decline which continues today, despite WWE's financial success. But with the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE has finally gone too far because, this time, they've made Mick Foley feel bad about himself.

WWE Has Finally Crossed the Line by Making Mick Foley Feel Bad

Foley appeared on Raw Monday to unveil a new WWE Championship, the 24/7 title. Emblematic of all of WWE's problems since the end of the Attitude Era, the company took the concept of the old Hardcore Championship and watered it down, keeping the rule that the champion could be pinned any time, anywhere, but removing the hardcore designation. WWE's (small c) conservative booking has prevented the company from fully committing to pretty much anything over the past two decades, with the ironic exception of mega-pushes for wrestlers the crowd hasn't wanted to receive said pushes, like John Cena and Roman Reigns (remember back when we all thought it couldn't get any worse than Triple H's reign of terror?). For the record, the massive boos heaped upon those guys, who most wrestling fans respect, wasn't really about them either. But in getting fans excited for the return of the hardcore title and, instead, delivering a half-measure, an ugly, green little wannabe, WWE achieved the impossible: they got the crowd to boo Mick Foley in 2019.

Foley, a living legend who has been called a god by wrestling fans, has written several bestselling novels, and during his career displayed a mastery of promo skills, ring psychology, and the ability to absorb physical punishment for the entertainment of fans, was visibly shaken when the crowd turned on his promo as he revealed the tiny title, and he took to Twitter the next day to express his disappointment… in himself!

Mick, please allow us to reiterate: it's not you. And WWE should feel terrible for causing you to think so.

The crowd had plenty of things to be upset about last night. The looming prospect of Brock Lesnar taking one of the Heavyweight Championships and f***ing off to Minnesota 9 months out of the year with it was one thing. The upcoming blood money show in Saudi Arabia is another. And all of that is on top of years of booking which has seemed intentionally designed to troll fans because fans had no viable alternative for a weekly pro wrestling fix on a national scale. The fans weren't booing you; they were booing the steady diet of @#$% sandwiches WWE has forced down their throats for the past fifteen years.

Fans have a near unlimited supply of reasons to be pissed off at WWE. Now they can add getting Mick Foley booed and making him doubt himself to the long, long list.

You can watch an edited video removing some of the boos and all of the chants of "hardcore" below:

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