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Booker T Has Joined Mick Foley In His Worries About The Current WWE
WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley drew quite a bit of attention on Tuesday when he spoke out on his official Facebook, telling WWE how he thinks they have a problem  Foley was indeed critical of the company and how he believes they're no longer the top destination for young wrestlers, but it was all in[...]
From there, we have a look at WWE Raw on the review side. Images: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Screencap)/Rick and Morty (Screencap)/Mick Foley (Screencap)/What If…? (Screencap)/What We Do in the Shadows (Screencap)/He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Netflix)/The Boys (Screencap)/Impeachment: American Crime Story (Screencap) Now here's a look at BCTV Daily Dispatch's articles for Wednesday,[...]
Wrestling Legend Mick Foley Calls Out WWE's Bad Creative on Facebook
WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is never shy about sharing his opinions on the current product on his social media accounts  Foley is always honest and straightforward, which fans have always loved and appreciated about "The Hardcore Legend"  And being such, Foley took to his official Facebook this morning to record a video where he[...]
Did Charlotte Flair And Nia Jax Shoot On Each Other Last Night?
 Jax looked genuinely shocked after these moments and fans watching, including WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, thought we were witnessing something that had gone off the rails. Just wondering…WTF was up with that #CharlotteVsNia match? — Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) August 31, 2021 After that awkwardness, the match was quickly brought home with Nia Jax hitting a pretty out[...]
Jim Ross Talks About WCW Missing The Boat On Steve Austin
 He's responsible for hiring some of WWE's greatest legends of all time, including the likes of Mick Foley, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Rock, and Steve Austin, to name a few. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Jim Ross, courtesy of WWE. Austin, in particular, is probably his most important signing, as it wasn't considered a[...]
Mick Foley Urges WWE and Vince McMahon To Create An All-Women Brand
Mick Foley is WWE's greatest hardcore legend, but in addition to that, he's also one of the company's most well-respected and trusted ambassadors  He's seen it all and done it all in his long wrestling career and fans still love him and listen to everything he says  So when "Mrs Foley's baby boy" makes a[...]
dark side
Along with Pillman, viewers learned that Nick Gage and "deathmatches," the "Collision In Korea," the Ultimate Warrior, Grizzly Smith, and Dynamite Kid will each be getting their own episode. Wrestling legend and AEW superstar Chris Jericho returns as the series' narrator for a second consecutive season- joined by an enormous cast, including Jake 'The Snake' Roberts,[...]
WWE's Most Wanted Treasures Review: A Fun Enough Nostalgia Trip
 Do they want these items to finally display in a standing WWE Hall of Fame and museum that fans have demanded for years?  That's not really explicitly said, but sure, maybe. The focus of the debut episode is the hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley, who is tasked with hitting the road and finding three specific items[...]
Mick Foley and The Miz are highlighted in new content streaming on Peacock for U.S. viewers, the WWE Network for others.
Mick Foley will also be featured in a Best of Mankind collection that highlights Foley's Attitude Era matches as the character. From WWE.com, here's what WWE 24: The Miz is all about: In the latest episode of WWE's tentpole docuseries, The Miz explores his unbelievable ascent from reality show standout to one of the most decorated Superstars[...]
25 Years Ago Today, The WWE Universe Met Mankind
 For one thing, most heavily invested fans knew that Mankind was actually Mick Foley, known around the world as being the most hardcore wrestler alive under his former ring name, Cactus Jack  But in this new original character for WWF, Foley was crafting someone with more layers, both in his physical presentation and in his[...]
Heels is beginning to post images from the upcoming Stephen Amell series. (Image: STARZ)
But on a personal fanboy level, Amell may have outdone himself on Wednesday when he posted an image from inside the Duffy Wrestling League's (DWL) arena of himself with director Peter Segal (Shameless)… and Mick Foley! Image: Screencap Yes, that's right Actor, author, comedian, retired professional wrestler, and color commentator Mick Foley– otherwise known as Cactus Jack,[...]
Mick Foley Disheartened by Success of Marjorie Taylor Greene
Wrestling legend Mick Foley looks to be feeling a little bit disillusioned thanks to Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene The Qanon-supporting congresswoman is a supporter of various ugly conspiracy theories and has called for the execution of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Greene also believes school shootings are hoaxes and has been captured on[...]
Mick Foley addresses the nation one day before the election.
Pro wrestling legend Mick Foley posed a question to all of the Trumpbronies who supported WWE Hall of Famer President Donald Trump over the past four years: Is America Great Again? Foley, who was outspoken against President Trump ahead of the November election and has continued to criticize him since tested positive for COVID-19 himself in[...]
Mick Foley addresses the nation one day before the election.
WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley urged Vince McMahon to remove President Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame Wednesday after the president riled up his supporters at a rally and dispatched them to invade the U.S Capitol building in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America. Mick Foley addresses the nation[...]
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There's few people out there who love Christmas more than Mick Foley The Hardcore legend enjoys dressing up as Santa Claus and even has a room in his home dedicated to Christmas 365 days a year But this year, in a fitting way for 2020 to end, Foley would not, as the song says, be[...]