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Razer Launches Two New Pro-Streamer Microphones
Razer has launched two brand new professional streamer microphones in the form of the Seiren V2 X and the Seiren V2 Pro Both of these have taken previous designs and upgraded them with better tech and a more modern feel compared to other microphones on the market Both of them also come with the ability[...]
HyperX Releases Their New SoloCast USB Microphone
HyperX revealed their latest USB microphone to hit the market as they have official released the SoloCast mic The microphone was specifically designed for streamers and content creators to give them an option that worked well with their current software and didn't require any special XLR devices to run It looks pretty sweet, though not[...]
We Review The Antlion Audio ModMic USB Microphone
Recently we got sent a cool little item to review from the folks at Antlion Audio in the form of the ModMic USB Microphone There are a lot of gamers out there that can't afford to buy one of the really awesome gaming headsets from any company out there, simply because the cost is too[...]
Streaming Like a Pro on the Go: We Review Razer's Broadcast Studio
As an audiophile and an equipment junkie, this is to die for and shows everything off in a professional manner. We'll start with the microphone which is a Razer Seiren X and comes in four pieces: the mic, the support rod, the base, and the USB cord Because it's an on-the-go design, everything has been taken apart[...]