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The Pentaverate
But to get to the truth, how far down the rabbit hole is he willing to go? Yup, that's just one of the light-hearted themes in play in series-star-times-six Mike Myers & director Tim Kirkby's upcoming Netflix comedy series The Pentaverate Set to premiere on May 5, viewers are getting a better look at what[...]
The Pentaverate
Has a Canadian journalist discovered a secret society that's been controlling mankind's destiny since the 1300's? And what will he have to do to get to the truth, especially when the faith of the world hangs in the balance? That's the kind of light-hearted themes that are in play in series-star-times-six Mike Myers & director[...]
Yeah Baby! Netflix Announces New Mike Myers Series 'The Pentaverate'
Netflix has recently announced production on six, thirty-minute episodes of a limited series from the (until recently) reclusive comedy superstar Mike Myers (Wayne's World, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) The Pentaverate is produced by and stars Myers, where he takes on the roles of seven brand new characters created specifically for the series Known[...]
Wayne’s World: Mike Myers and Dana Carvey Tease Return for Uber Eats
So how does Uber Eats tops itself after bringing two lions of science fiction in Star Wars' Mark Hamill and Star Trek's Patrick Stewart? How about bringing back Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar from Wayne's World? Last seen together for Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey revived their popular rock and[...]
Austin Powers: Theater Student Picks Dr. Evil for Dramatic Monologue
Evil (Mike Myers) and his son, Scott (Seth Green) The therapist is played by Carrie Fisher What was powerful about the monologue is the comedy is delivered in such a deadpan manner. Mike Myers as Dr Evil in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) Image courtesy of New Line Cinema. "The details of my life are[...]
Dr. Evil Runs for Congress
Bohemian Rhapsody's Mike Myers revived a pop culture icon in advance of today's election on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Despite the last Austin Powers film released 16 years ago, Myers, who played the title character, has made the occasional appearance as Powers' arch nemesis, Dr Evil The timing of the appearances  relates to contemporary politics stemming[...]
Doctor Evil Point of View Austin Powers Movie – Mike Myers Wants In
Just when you thought three Austin Powers films were plenty — Mike Myers has a crazy idea for a fourth one I mean, honestly, at this point ANY ideas for additional Powers films would kind of have to be crazy to work. The Canadian writer-director-actor has been doing the press rounds to talk about his newest feature film, Terminal[...]
Mike Myers Going Full Method Again To Host Reboot Of The Gong Show For ABC
But the curious part is the host. Slate PR Comedian Tommy Maitland will be tapped to fill the role that Chuck Barris made famous, but the interesting part is that Tommy Maitland is widely believed to be actor and comedian Mike Myers Not only does he have a Twitter page, created today, but an elaborate backstory from[...]
Mike Myers / Dr. Evil Visit SNL To Talk Sony Vs #GoP
Mike Myers returned to Saturday Night Live last night for the cold opening where he pulled out the skull cap and hairless cat once again as Dr Evil took Sony and the North Korean government to school on being evil Plus the inevitable Love Guru joke. There has been some decent stuff coming out of SNL lately,[...]