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Derek Jeter Named Cover Athlete Of MLB The Show 23 Collector's Edition
Sony Interactive Entertainment and San Diego Studio revealed Derek Jeter will be the MLB The Show 23 Collector's Edition cover athlete Technically, Jeter did the honors of revealing it himself when he visited The Tonight Show last night, as he showed off the cover and the look of his character in the game and chatted[...]
MLB: The Show 21 Will Be On Xbox Game Pass This Year
Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Both MLB The Show 21 Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Standard Editions will be included with Xbox Game Pass so members will be able to play the best version of the game regardless of which console they're on And with cross-platform play and progress, you can play against others online, and earn and[...]
MLB is introducing The Plaerys League with MLB The Show 20 tonight.
They are starting the MLB The Show Players League tonight, where one member of all 30 teams will play each other once over 29 games Then, the top 8 will play in the "playoffs" to decide the champion The league will last about three weeks and conclude around April 30th All the players are playing[...]
Javier Baez Named "MLB The Show 20" Cover Athlete
Those of you who have been waiting to get a better look at MLB The Show 20 before the game drops this March, Sony has released a new gameplay trailer The show off a lot in a short amount of time, but one of the biggest standouts for us is the classic uniforms Eagle-eyes fans[...]
Javier Baez Named "MLB The Show 20" Cover Athlete
Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that the cover athlete for MLB The Show 20 will be Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs The news came with the standard array of special editions of the game for you to buy when the game is released for the PS4 We have a couple quotes about the move[...]
MLB The Show 19 Confirms Bryce Harper Cover After Phillies Signing
While there are many details missing from what's going on in MLB The Show 19, one of the big missing pieces was what the cover art would be We now know that the cover was essentially hanging in the balance at this point because Sony Interactive Entertainment chose Bryce Harper as the cover athlete for the[...]
MLB The Show 19 Receives Its First Gameplay Trailer
Sony Interactive Entertainment released their latest trailer for MLB The Show 19 this week, showing off a little more of the gameplay you'll get It quickly darts over a lot of the inner-workings of the game and all the behind-the-scenes baseball stuff you'll be doing before and after the game, with a lot of focus[...]
mlb the show 18
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] MLB The Show fans can breathe — despite rumors to the contrary, the game is okay Featuring enhanced presentation, simpler fielding controls, an easier-to-follow Diamond Dynasty mode, and Babe freaking Ruth, MLB The Show 18 is not perfect, but it gets enough right to be a fine upgrade from your copy of The Show[...]
MLB The Show 18 Won't Have Online Franchise Mode
Fans for MLB The Show 18 are about to be disappointed as Sony San Diego made an announcement on their website that the Online Franchise Mode will not be coming to the next game when its released on March 23rd We have the full announcement for you below, but if you click the link above you[...]
mlb the show 18
MLB The Show 18 is hitting store on March 27th, as baseball season is right around the corner Topps Series 1 cards are on the shelf, pitchers and catchers report in a few days, and the final event is the annual release of the Playstation exclusive franchise that every fan looks forward to This year's[...]
MLB The Show 18 Coming In March, Aaron Judge Gets The Cover
MLB The Show will return next year on March 27 That is news to nobody of course, as it invades our PS4 every year Coming off a great year this past year with The Show 17, anticipation was high for the reveal of who would grace next years cover. We have an answer, and it was[...]
MLB The Show 17 Gifts Players In Repentance For Server Issues
MLB The Show released back in March to a generally positive reception, but server issues have prevented many players from fully enjoying the game at launch So, in an attempt to make amends for the game's launch issues San Diego Studios have announced that they will be rewarding all early adopters of the game with a[...]