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Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
Nothing I can get into in great detail at this very moment, but expect to see Jax back, new and improved and with these motherf—–s working." With Mortal Kombat 2 being in active development, what characters are you hoping to see added to the fray – and who would you like to see return for a[...]
Mortal Kombat Director On Adapting Interactive Storytelling to Movies
Mortal Kombat 2 is in the pre-production stage right now No release timeframe is known. Mortal Kombat is returning, as New Line will head into production on a sequel to 2021's franchise reboot They will also be bringing back director Simon McQuoid, who will helm the project from screenwriter Jeremy Slater The 2021 film was[...]
Check Out the First Images and a Detailed Summary for Mortal Kombat
Pictures release. In a brand new conversation with, the Mortal Kombat 2 scribe Jeremy Slater discussed the brutality of the first film and its relation to being both campy at serious in tone "I feel like the gore in Mortal Kombat is awesome, and it's part of what people come for; you always have to[...]