Dr Disrespect Gets His Own Limited-Edition MNT Dew Game Fuel Flavor
Dr Disrespect has moved into new iconic territory as he now has a soda named after him with this limited-edition MTN DEW Game Fuel One of their most popular flavors is getting a rebrand for a minute as Championship Citrus Cherry will be available for a limited time with the logo, signature, and image of[...]
MTN DEW Game Fuel Partners With Dr Disrespect For A Workout Video
MTN DEW Game Fuel announced this morning they have partnered up with Dr Disrespect again to form a new gamer's workout video According to the company, Doc releases his latest 80s style single today which is called "Gamerobics", along with a special music video that has been inspired by workout videos of the '80s back[...]
Dr Disrespect Partners Up With MTN DEW GAME FUEL
Firm handshakes seem to be going around these days as MTN DEW GAME FUEL has partnered up with Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect The vast majority of gamers may know him best for his outbursts or his first-person shooter gameplay that he does almost every day on stream, but loyal fans of the Doc know him[...]