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Comic Book Workers United
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Everyone Is White On The Internet by Nadia Shammas & Molly Murakami
Everyone Is White On The Internet is a new middle-grade graphic novel by Nadia Shammas and Molly Murakami set in the early 2000s and based on a true story, follows Nora, an Arab American girl from Brooklyn who takes on the secret persona of a white girl in her online fandom community in order to[...]
The cover to Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin, the new middle-grade original graphic novel written by Nadia Shammas and illustrated by Nabi H. Ali coming to stores on September 7th, 2021
With that in mind, Marvel Comics announced a new middle-grade original graphic novel starring Kamala Khan set to hit stores in September from writer Nadia Shammas and artist Nabi H Ali Of course, an original graphic novel starring Ms Marvel is far better for kids than addictive drugs like heroin or cocaine, so if given[...]
Volume from Bogacs, Patridge, & Shammas Brings Rebellion to Scout
The indie company that added multiple new imprints this year has now added another title to their ever-growing slate for next year. Volume will introduce a world where music has been made illegal by a populist dictatorship known as "The Regime." Created by writer Christof Bogacs, Skylar Patridge, and Nadia Shammas, Volume will follow a teenager named Essa, who, when[...]