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Marvel Meow: Marvel and Viz Media's Cat Manga Debuts in October
It's written and drawn by Nao Fuji, who's also working on a Black Cat manga, which is not a cat manga but a manga about Black Cat. "Marvel Meow" interior art courtesy of Viz Media "Join Captain Marvel's pet, Chewie, as she wreaks havoc in the lives of Marvel's most popular characters! Gain a new perspective on beloved[...]
Marvel Meow: Marvel and Viz Media Begin Official Manga Collaboration
Marvel Comics and VIZ Media will collaborate for the first time to bring the wildly popular characters from the world of Marvel to manga! This collaboration includes a new range of manga and books launching in Fall 2021, starting with Marvel Meow! Of course, the first title would be a cat manga! Everyone loves cats! "Marvel[...]
June's Black Cat #1 Will Feature a New Marvel Meow Short Story by Nao Fuji
All of the Marvel Meow cat variant covers by cartoonist Nao Fuji haven't even finished shipping for the month of March, but we can all probably agree that we miss them already and wish there were more Well, Marvel has heard the request we've decided you're all making and has answered with a new Marvel[...]
These Cat-Themed Marvel Meow Variants by Nao Fuji Are Flerkin Purrfect
Marvel has announced a new series of Marvel variant covers for books shipping in March from Japanese artist Nao Fuji, paying tribute to Chewie, the "cat" owned by Captain Marvel who is not really a cat at all, but an alien creature called a Flerkin that just happens to look like a cat. Look, just go[...]