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Star Wars Resistance Season 2 The Engineer &#8211 A Damsel In Distress [PREVIEW]

"Star Wars Resistance" Season 2 "The Engineer" – A Damsel In Distress [PREVIEW]

While that answers the "who" question, it doesn't give us the "why." As in "why is Nena alone and running from the First Order? What kind of engineer is she? And whose side is she on?[caption id="attachment_1112765" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Disney Channel[/caption]On a positive note, it appears that Kaz decides to take Synara (Nazneen Contractor) with[...]

CBS Refuses to Pay Ransom For Fourth Season Order

CBS Refuses to Pay 'Ransom" For Fourth Season Order

The multinational espionage thriller series Ransom has been canceled after three seasons by CBS, with an announcement going out to fans from the series' creative team on Wednesday afternoon. #Ransom fans: We're joyful & lucky to have shared these past three seasons with you. Unfortunately, we have to bid the CriRes team farewell. We loved […]

Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters Review: Different But Fun And Promising

Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters Review: Different, But Fun And Promising

The show features the talents of Scott Menville, Steven Yeun, Ogie Banks, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Keith David, Kate Mulgrew, Walter Koenig, Nazneen Contractor, and Josh Keaton All of them are great and bring an enthusiasm that can be felt through the screen Especially Wheaton and the great Keith David — their scenes together are[...]