*UPDATE*WWE Gets Even More Cheap As They've Now Cut Backstage Catering

WWE, despite having record profits this year, is lately operating like a company that is just about insolvent.  WWE President Nick Khan is slashing the budget across the board, which has led to the layoffs of numerous corporate employees and in the post-production departments, the continuing releases of wrestlers from both the main roster and NXT, and this week consolidating the backstage camera crews down to one single camera for backstage promos and video content.  And the hits keep coming, as now it's being reported that WWE has cut backstage catering at shows, forcing crew and talent to either eat food from the arena or brown bag it.

WWE Gets Even More Cheap As They've Now Cut Backstage Catering
Kevin Owens surviving a 2016 food fight on Raw, courtesy of WWE.

First reported by Ringside News, WWE has ended their longtime partnership with DEGA Catering, which has long provided backstage catering services at WWE events, feeding the hard-working crew and wrestling roster.  The move is said to be a cost-cutting decision from Nick Khan as he continues to slash dollars for the company everywhere he can.  From now on, the only food available at shows will be that which is available at concession stands in the arena.

This one is truly a head-scratcher my friends.  It's obviously an easy cost to cut for a corporate guy from afar, but there are other things to consider here.  No matter what your bullying friends say, pro wrestlers are indeed professional athletes and as such, they follow very strict diets and probably can only eat certain things, especially pre-match.  Something tells me hot dogs and heat lamp "nachos" aren't on their list.

But there's another issue here as well.  WWE prides itself on essentially being a Hollywood film production and if you've ever been on a film set, even a shoestring independent one, food is ALWAYS provided.  A well-fed crew is a happy crew is the rule everyone follows, so I can't imagine morale will be anything but in the toilet with this new development.

And speaking of toilets…

We've all heard horror stories of wrestlers that ate something they shouldn't have before a match and when their stomach paid for it mid-match, unfortunately, an inopportunely landed slam led to an occurrence that only Vince McMahon would find hilarious.  With a pre-match diet exclusively consisting of junk food, I guess the countdown is on for the first mid-match diarrhea incident live on USA or FOX.

If WWE is really hurting for money that bad, perhaps they can bring on Immodium as a sponsor and kill two birds with one pill.


After the initial post, WWE fan favorite Shane "The HurricaneHelms saw this story and was kind enough to give an update from his personal Twitter account.

So a suspiciously well-fed-looking Hurricane Helms is denying the rumor. Has WWE paid him off in steak wraps?!

Just kidding! Take it easy fans, we're all having fun here.

But it is good to know WWE is still feeding their staff well.  That's all that matters.  Thanks again to Mr. Helms for clearing it all up!

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