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Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Digital Deluxe Edition Revealed
Koei Tecmo announced today they will be bringing Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection over to both Xbox consoles and Game Pass The collection already came out last year for PC and PlayStation consoles, bringing three of the modern titles in the franchise to current consoles Now the games will be headed over to the Xbox systems[...]
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Digital Deluxe Edition Revealed
This summer, fans of the more modern Ninja Gaiden games are getting the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection on PC and all three consoles The awesome people at Team Ninja have been working on this collection for a little while as they bring the full trilogy to a new generation of gamers who just don't know[...]
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Digital Deluxe Edition Revealed
Koei Tecmo has revealed that they are releasing Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Digital Deluxe Edition this June This particular release is going to be packed with content for those who want the experience of a special edition but didn't wasn't to go the physical route This version includes a stunning 70-page digital art book, a[...]
Nintendo Adds Three More NES Games to Nintendo Switch Online
Today, Nintendo has added Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario's Woods for anyone with a subscription to check out Wario's Woods play a lot like Dr Mario, except instead of pills in a bottle you're working with enemies and bombs Adventures of Lolo is a cool little adventure where your girlfriend gets kidnapped (happened a[...]
Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario's Woods Coming to Switch Online
The three NES games making it to the service this month are Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario's Woods Nintendo also confirmed that more NES games will be added to the Switch Online library next year, with the next around of additions starting in January. If you've never experienced any of those games, their official synopses are below. Adventures[...]
Team-Ups Are Not Always Better: We Review 'Warriors All-Stars'
Essentially, it's all one giant excuse to bring several Dynasty Warriors characters together with Dead Or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Atelier, Nioh, Rio, Toukiden, Opoona, Samurai Cats, Deception, and more. The look and design of Warriors All-Stars is a clash of styles, as many of the heroes were kept into a specific design from their original games[...]
Koei Tecmo Announces Warriors All-Stars Western Release
Koei Tecmo has revealed that Warriors All-Stars, its crossover game featuring characters from the Dynasty Warriors series, Dead or Alive, and Ninja Gaiden will be available on PC and PS4 in North America on August 29th, and September 1st worldwide. As of now, there are no plans for a PS Vita release outside of Japan. To go with the release[...]