No Man's Sky NEXT Update Gets a Brand-New Trailer

No Man's Sky, like many of its space-faring players, has been on a journey. From a tiny team thrust into mainstream spotlight, to an exceeding public and contentious launch, to a steady flow of free updates for players, it's been a hell of a ride for the game — and it seems it is only going to continue.

Next week the game is releasing its NEXT update, which is going to be available to all players for free. It's meant to be somewhat of a literal game changer, bringing the biggest content drop yet and seriously beefing up the multiplayer capabilities of the game.

Well, you can get a decent look at it here thanks to a new trailer for No Man's Sky NEXT,and it is seriously impressive. You can see several players all milling around on planets together, as well as impressive graphical improvements. The trailer also showcases some of the older post-launch changes to the game, including base building. If you haven't played the game since launch, this it looks like there is serious reason to consider coming back. Take a look at the trailer here:

I'm genuinely quite excited about the prospect of this update. I also like No Man's Sky perfectly fine, and it was clear the game had a huge amount of potential. Hello Games, to their credit, put in a lot of work, and I will certainly be popping my head into the game to see what has changed and see if it has become the game it always promised to be.

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