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Borat 2 Trailer Deals With Family, Pandemic, Trolling Mike Pence
The actor spoke with NPR about how his fame and recognition prevent him from doing more with the character and his deep undercover nature, rationalizing the ethics when dealing with the subject matter, and what made him decide to quit while he was ahead. Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to[...]
Carla Speed McNeil's Comic Book Life, Furnished In Alan Moore
NPR has run a series of memories and thoughts from comic book creators and cartoonists over what comics — and cartoons — mean to them And Carla Speed McNeil has chosen to illustrate her own comic book coming of age steeped in the writings of one fellow familiar to most Bleeding Cool readers, a certain[...]
Sanford Greene Talks Power Man, Iron Fist, De La Soul And NPR In Charlotte
As a fan from that side, I had to geek out a little bit when he replied to me." While the hip-hop influence is evident in Greene's artwork, some of his fans might be surprised to learn about some unexpected sounds playing in his studio when he gets down to business. "Music is a component of my[...]
Kickstarter And Image Comics – What's The Deal?
NPR this weekend ran an article focusing on women comic book creators, that touched on the role of Kickstarter in finding audiences for certain books that might not have found them in through traditional means And quotes Amy Reeder, co-creator and artist on Image series Rocket Girl, saying, Creators who work for the top publishers occasionally[...]