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Both together make this a brilliant book, and Diego Rodriguez's colors serve to make this book all the more momentous. Harbinger Wars II #4 is a solid read The battle between Livewire and Manowar is the highlight, but seeing Ninja-K tell Palmer where to shove it is pretty great Giorello, Guedes, and Rodriguez's visuals are the[...]
Harbinger Wars II #3 cover by JG Jones and Diego Rodriguez
However, Faith and another contingence of Psiots have arrived to protect the young boy from G.A.T.E and Omen. Harbinger Wars II #3 cover by JG Jones and Diego Rodriguez Harbinger Wars II #3 enters the next stage of the conflict and shows things getting worse and people changing sides The two factions almost seem to come to[...]
Titans #19 cover by Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas
In Titans #19, the Titans are under a scrutiny by the Justice League. After the Troia incident and all the information revealed during the conflict, the League is no longer sure the Titans can operate properly. Does this make for a good read?
Titans #16 Review: The End Of (Older) Wally West?
He's a phenomenal comics' scribe, and both this title and Aquaman are among the best of DC's output at this moment in time Everyone makes mistakes and has a bad day every once in a while. This issue isn't even bad with that flaw Like I said, it's hard to not get absorbed by the pain[...]
Titans #15 Review: The Titans Begin To Collapse
Omen is worried that she will be the doom that befalls the world from within the Titans Flash has an important conversation with Donna and is writing a letter that he needs to give to Nightwing. A lot of things are coming to a head this issue, and it's unknown if the Titans can make it[...]
Titans #13 Review: Action And Heart Make Up For Hokey Romance
He can also multiply himself. Meanwhile, Wally's heart is still damaged, Tempest is letting his feelings for Omen cloud his judgement, Arsenal is obsessed with the possibility of Donna and Wally sparking a romantic relationship, and there is still the concern of the traitor in the mix Can the Titans overcome all of these obstacles to[...]
Titans #12 Review: A Bit Too Much Melodrama
Meanwhile, there is continued strife between Bumblebee and her husband, Herald, as the former's memories of their relationship has been completely wiped by the villain, Psimon. With this, Omen has gone to visit Psimon in prison to learn where he has sent the memories of Bumblebee as well as why he did so He dives into[...]
Rebirth Recap: Titans – A Jewel Of Modern DC
The return of Wally West was the lynchpin of DC Universe: Rebirth, and the lighter tone of Titans certainly exemplifies the direction that DC is trying to go in at the moment Plus, you have Dick Grayson's return to the mantle of Nightwing, Donna Troy and Tempest's reappearance, and the hint-drops in the direction of[...]