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Thor: Love and Thunder Featurette Looks at the Legacy of Thor
If I were going to guess why the activist group One Million Moms (though with around 30,000 members) would be boycotting the new Thor: Love And Thunder movie, it would have been because the film depicts a pantheon of gods, all of whom are vain, unworthy of belief and clearly a stain on the concept[...]
Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm pulling for…The Weekly Static! Welcome back, everybody…glad you could join me again! But before we get ready to trip the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York… here it is! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Marlena – Devil 2004 ( So once more with feeling – here's[...]
The perpetual FCC headache that is One Million Moms has found its new target, and it's TV Land original programming Specifically, it's Teachers, a raunchy comedy about a group of teachers who don't always appear to be up to the task of molding young minds. Thankfully, One Million Moms is here to stand up for teachers[...]
One Million Moms (Give Or Take a Million) Protest Disney XD's First Same-Sex Cartoon Kiss, And Gay LeFou As Well
 You can watch the scene, in which several couples, including at least one same-sex couple, kiss on cue during a concert, here: Naturally, this didn't sit well with anti-gay hate group One Million Moms, who have launched one of their trademark petitions and emailed members warning of the event, and alleging that "the gay community" has been "pressuring" Disney[...]
One Million Moms Demand TJ Maxx Pull Ads Over Once Upon A Time's Kiss
Media pressure group One Million Moms (with a membership estimated to be slightly smaller than that) have reacted strongly to this week's episode of Once Upon A Time.. And they handily include this screencap so you can see what all the fuss is about They demand as a result that their members contact TJ Maxx to demand[...]
Olive Garden Under Fire From One Million Moms For Sponsoring Lucifer (UPDATE)
The show is awesome and funny! Alexander Cook‎: Ignore One Million Moms and other, they really try to ruin everyone entertainment. Hey, religious groups, don't you have better to do other than boycott Lucifer? Lucifer aired last night on Fox, raising the ire of the pressure group One Million Mums They say, FOX's new drama "Lucifer" is spiritually dangerous[...]
One Million Moms Want Samantha Bee To Change Her Name can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sam Bee Joins the Late Night Sausage Party | Full Frontal With Samantha Bee | TBS ( From the lovely people at One Million Moms… A new show is in the works and it has many parents pretty fired up! Coming this February on TBS Network is a new[...]
One Million Moms Try To Get TV Land To Not Air 'Teachers'
There is strength in numbers so forward this to everyone you know! Members were encouraged to contact advertisers such as Red Lobster and Cetaphil for advertising during the show, asking them to pull support or face a boycott. The show was renewed for a second season. Well, One Million Moms has now turned its attention to another TV[...]
One Million Moms Demand The Muppets Be Taken Off The Air
In an e-mail send to their probably-far-fewer-than-a-million subscribers, the One Million Moms activist group in concerned about the new version of The Muppets TV show, airing on ABC from next week. The mature version of "The Muppets" will cover a range of topics from sex to drugs Miss Piggy came out as a pro-choice feminist during[...]
One Million Moms Tells Fox Not To Air DC Comics' Lucifer
The conservative media pressure group One Million Moms has just launched a campaign to persuade Fox TV to drop their upcoming TV series, based on the DC Comic book, Lucifer. They write, FOX has plans in 2016 to air "Lucifer," a new series which will glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh. The series[...]
One Million Moms Targets One Big Happy, And Glaxo SmithKline
Media pressure group One Million Moms which claims a number of claps, from cancelled sponsorships to cancelled shows now has One Big Happy in its sights. NBC has launched another program attempting to redefine what makes a family "One Big Happy" is described as a show about best friends Lizzy and Luke who are like family[...]
One Million Moms Vs Black Jesus
One Million Moms usually has to fight an advert that dares to have a gay couple in it Or some ad for burgers that uses the phrase "nice buns" Seriously, they have slim pickings. Well, this is the fight they've been waiting for They probably can't believe their luck And neither can the Cartoon Network. It's time for[...]
One Million Moms Claims Successes At Driving Advertisers From Mistresses
The pressure group One Million Moms has claimed success driving sponsors away from the TV series Mistresses, stating "five out of ten of the sponsors we contacted last week did not return during this week's episode of Mistresses….  Hollywood is continuing to push casual s*x between unmarried couples, some with multiple partners, as acceptable when clearly[...]
One Million Moms Pours Scorn On Mistresses
One Million Moms has far fewer members, and the odds are a number are not mothers But nevertheless they can pull a punch by targeting the advertisers of shows that they disapprove of Possibly why they've never gone after Game Of Thrones on HBO But Mistresses on ABC is a different matter…. They write, "Mistresses" season premiere[...]