One Million Moms (Give Or Take a Million) Protest Disney XD's First Same-Sex Cartoon Kiss, And Gay LeFou As Well

In a milestone moment for Disney XD, the network aired its first-ever same-sex cartoon kiss in an episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil this week.  You can watch the scene, in which several couples, including at least one same-sex couple, kiss on cue during a concert, here:

Naturally, this didn't sit well with anti-gay hate group One Million Moms, who have launched one of their trademark petitions and emailed members warning of the event, and alleging that "the gay community" has been "pressuring" Disney to include openly gay relationships in its shows and movies. The petition also goes on to complain about the upcoming film Beauty and the Beast, which will feature an openly gay LeFou, the first openly gay character in a Disney film, as reported earlier by Bleeding Cool.


It's easy to mock the One Million Moms, and there's certainly no shortage of material for doing so. For one thing, there is their so-over-the-top-it-seems-like-a-parody prudishness, and for another, there doesn't seem to be anywhere near a million moms in the group, if their social media engagement is any indication. However, in a post-Trump world, it's probably worth plainly pointing out that the Moms' position here — that children are "introduced too early" to issues of sexual orientation and that the inclusion of same-sex relationships equals "pushing an agenda" — is bigotry masquerading as concern. If Disney is going to include romantic plots in its stories (which it has since the beginning), then there's absolutely no valid reason to exclude same-sex relationships, because nothing about same-sex relationships makes them any less "family-friendly" than an opposite-sex relationship.


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