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Dungeons & Dragons' Next Adventure is Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus

Rick and Morty D&D Chapter 2 Comic Unveiled at D&D Live 2019

Today during D&D Live 2019, IDW Publishing and Oni Press unveiled the Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter II: Painscape comic series Previously revealed a month ago through a tip-off, the next series will be written by Jim Zub and Sarah Stern, with art by Troy Little as they continue the adventure from the[...]

Former Oni Editor Says Severance Offer Was Tied to Non-Disparagement Agreement

Former Oni Editor Says Severance Offer Was Tied to Non-Disparagement Agreement

Last week, Bleeding Cool reported on the merger between Oni Press and Lion Forge, under the auspices of Lion Forge parent company Polarity, and the layoffs that immediately followed said merger Several former Lion Forge and Oni employees spoke about their departure on social media, though details were relatively slim, seemingly due to contractual clauses[...]

'Stumptown': Recast Mark Webber Trashes "Degrading" Process, Claims He Was "Not Handsome Enough" for Role

ABC gave an official series order for Untitled Cobie Smulders (aka Stumptown), a drama series from writer Jason Richman, Ruben Fleischer, and ABC Studios that's based on the Oni Press graphic novel series from writer Greg Rucka and illustrators Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood. The series centers on strong, assertive, and unapologetically sharp-witted Army veteran (Cobie Smulders, Avengers: Endgame) who works as a private investigator in Portland,[...]

Layoffs Hit Lion Forge, Oni Press After Merger Announcement

Layoffs Follow Lion Forge/Oni Press Merger, As Does Backlash

Lion Forge announced earlier today that they have merged with Oni Press, which has recently been acquired by Lion Forge parent company Polarity, a holding company launched last year by Lion Forge co-founder David Steward II Steward, who serves as CEO of Polarity, addressed potential layoffs in a New York Times interview with one brief[...]

Oni Press to Unveil Rick and Morty #50 Variants at Brooklyn Art Gallery

Oni Press to Unveil Rick and Morty #50 Variants at Brooklyn Art Gallery

In what is possibly the most hipster move in all of comics history, Portland indie comic book publisher Oni Press will reveal their latest Rick and Morty variant covers at an art gallery in Brooklyn, a press release revealed Thursday Oni teased the variants, showing dissected versions of Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and[...]

Rick and Morty Creators Dissected for #50 Variant Covers

Rick and Morty Creators Dissected for #50 Variant Covers

No, Oni Press is not making variant covers out of human flesh That's definitely more of a Valiant Entertainment kind of thing Instead, Oni revealed today that Julieta Colás will produce two variant covers for Rick and Morty #50 in the style of the headshot variants Colás has done for the Rick & Morty trade[...]

rick-and-morty-presents-mr. Meeseeks #1 i

Rick and Morty Presents Mr. Meeseeks #1 in June From Oni Press

Oni Press will publish Rick and Morty Presents Mr Meeseeks #1 by James Asmus, Jim Festante, Josh Perez, and CJ Cannon on June 12.In the issue, the Meeseeks are n search for the meaning of life Silly readers, we should know that we can't ask Meeseeks these kinds of questions, it will lead to so[...]

'Stumptown': Avengers Co-Star Cobie Smulders Leads ABC Graphic Novel Adapt

Based on the Oni Press graphic novel series from writer Greg Rucka and illustrators Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood, the pilot centers on a a strong, assertive, and sharp-witted Army veteran who works as a private investigator in Portland, Oregon With a complicated personal history and only herself to rely on, she solves other people’s messes[...]

Sarah Gaydos Becomes New Editor-in-Chief of Oni Press

Less than a year after leaving IDW to join Oni Press as Director of Licensed Publishing, Sarah Gaydos has been promoted to the role of Editor-in-Chief at the company, a press release announced Thursday Gaydos fills a role that's been vacant since last January, when former Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones became Publisher Ari Yarwood took[...]

Another Year of Rick and Morty Presents One-Shots on the Way from Oni Press

Oni Press has announced a second volume of its quarterly Rick and Morty Presents to begin in March 2019 The four new oversized single issues set for release next year will carry the titles Jerry, Mr Meeseeks, The Flesh Curtains, and Unity, and feature creators including Ryan Ferrier, CJ Cannon, Joshua Perez, James Asmus, Jim[...]

Rick and Morty D&D NYCC

Rick and Morty Vs Dungeons & Dragons: The Story of How it Came to be at NYCC

Written by Rich Epstein Rick and Morty versus Dungeons and Dragons writers Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub were joined by editors Sarah Gaydos and Chase Marotz for a panel at NYCC on Friday.  Rothfuss opened the panel by introducing himself as Neil Gaiman, while Zub began by explaining that Rick and Morty versus Dungeons and […]

Oni Press Brings Exclusives for Rick and Morty, Dream Daddy, Scott Pilgrim, and More to NYCC

Dungeons & Dragons Variant by Mike Vasquez and Joshua Perez (Covers A & B) [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="923210,923211,923212,923213"] Invader ZIM Hardcover, Book 2 Contains issues 11-20 of Invader ZIM—with an exclusive FUZZY green cover!Open Earth by Sarah Mirk, Eva Cabrera, and Claudia Aguirre is a Steamy New Graphic Novel Release from Limerence Press!Aquicorn Cove by Eisner Award-winner and Harvey Award[...]

Oni Press Injects Comics Into Politics with Draw Out the Vote

People are always complaining on the internet about people injecting their politics into comic books, but is it time to start complaining about comics in politics? That may be the case, as Oni Press has launched a new website called Draw Out the Vote, featuring comic voting guides for every state A press release provides[...]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 29th, 2018: X-Men Soars, Nightwing Trips

We've come to the end of another week. The Hunt for Wolverine reached its Dead Ends, Rick and Morty fought D&D, and Nightwing, Daredevil, Batgirl, and Red Hood and the Outlaws all had annuals. What were the best and worst of the week? I dunno, I haven't decided yet. Read it below to find out. Wins 1. X-Men: Blue #34 The House always […]

Rick and Morty #41 cover by Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern

Rick and Morty #41 Review: Enter the Rick Revenge Squad

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Party Dog wants revenge on Rick Sanchez. Rick killed several Party Dog's lieutenants a few months back, and he's putting together a kill crew to take care of the spiky-haired earthling. The Rick Revenge is made up of Peacock Jones, Mr. Sick, Prince Detrar of Mars, and a man on the inside on […]