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Orbital Comics In London Finally Closes
Orbital Comics was one of the three comic book shops of Central London, accompanied by Gosh Comics and Forbidden Planet round the corner It won the Spirit Of Retailers Eisner Award and for years was my comic book store of choice coming into London First emerging from the wreckage of B-Hive on Denmark Street, it[...]
How London's Orbital Comics Is Selling Robert Crumb In Lockdown
It is an art gallery, a record store and… and a coffee shop. Coffee at Orbital Comics in London. Coffee at Orbital Comics in London. Which means… that it can remain open to the public People can pick up their comic books and a coffee And their vinyl records too They also have the exclusive rights to sell[...]
SPACE - A new name for Orbital Comics in London
I also popped into Orbital Comics, now opened after shutdown, to find a very different beast indeed Not only has it changed inside, but outside as well. This is SPACE – or Orbital SPACE – the old logo preceding SPACE, to be pronounced "Orbital" and playing the role of Prince's Squiggle Inside, there is gallery space,[...]
Orbital Comics of London Reopens With a Barista and a 50% Sale
Bleeding Cool has been reporting on the changes that Orbital Comics of London, one of the three central comic book stores in London, has been going through since the end of last year, dropping Diamond Comic Distributors long before it was fashionable and changing the kind of shop it is They have introduced a pop-up[...]
Orbital Comics of London Will Be Changing Form In Ten Days Time
So I popped by Orbital Comics in London yesterday, hoping to get a glimpse of this vegan dessert late-night cafe we mentioned last week Orbital Comics has been through major changes this last year, dropping Diamond Comic Distributors, bringing in online operation Comics Toolbox to operate from within its walls and promising a big change[...]
Orbital Comics of London to Get a Late-Night Vegan Dessert Bar
Bleeding Cool has been covering the transformation of Orbital Comics, one of the three central London comic book shops, away from a store that relies on a weekly comics delivery from Diamond into… something new They still have a Wednesday 'New Comics' day courtesy of online store Comic Toolbox who have set up in Orbital on[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics - December 2019
Alex Moore – Christos Kyriacou – Darja Rattik – Emma Pelling – Isabelle Cummins – Jessica Lin – Yukina Tokumoto, Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport St, London, until December 11th. Comic Creators: The Famous and the Forgotten Special exhibition explores and celebrates the world of comics – from Aly Sloper and Dennis the Menace to Finnbar[...]
Middlesex university orbital
Orbital Comics of London, midway through its transformation from one kind of comic book store to another, is currently hosting Telling Stories, the graduate art show of Middlesex University – graduates who have chosen comic book storytelling as their medium of expression for their Art Masters projects Here's a look at some of the work[...]
Orbital Comics of London Launches 'Old Comics Day'
Much of the discussion at Thought Bubble in Harrogate this weekend revolved around Orbital Comics' decision to a) stop selling new comic books from Diamond Comic Distributors and b) for online store Comic Toolbox to take on the task of providing new comics for Orbital Comics' pull list subscribers (but that's all) from within Orbital[...]
Formr Online-Store, Comic Toolbox, Will Sell New Comics Out of Orbital
Just before the Thought Bubble opening party kicks off two hundred miles north of London, Bleeding Cool gets the word that a new comic book store will be opening out of an existing one. Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Orbital Comics of London had announced it would no longer sell new comic[...]
Orbital Comics Owner Teases Something For 02 02 2020
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Orbital Comics of London was to stop selling new comic books, ordered from Diamond Comic Distributors The store is still very much in business (as I confirmed when I popped in this afternoon) but it is going to become something different What, I don't yet know But owner[...]
Orbital Comics of London to Stop Selling New Weekly Comics
Orbital Comics has, over the last twenty years, become my comic store of choice in central London Smack bang next to Leicester Square tube station, and the Arts Theatre, they transformed the old photography studio into a store and gallery space It gets great footfall, not least from being right next to the real-life position[...]
Samurai Slasher: Late Fees
Late Fees is also a self-contained story, so does not require you to have read any of the previous entries in the Samurai Slasher oeuvre, but I highly recommend that you do check them out. Late Fees, the 36 page comic, will be launching with a limited run of 666 copies with a spot gloss cover,[...]
#OrbitalComicsWorldTour2015 – The Road To SDCC!
By Chris Thompson The Orbital Comics World Tour begins here! Along the aerial pathway that leads to San Diego, adventure is to be had at every turn, and many fantastic characters to be met along the way Join Orbital Comics staff members Chris Thompson, James Wilson and Liz Jordan (me) as we journey to the Big Kahuna[...]