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Salimba Paul Chadwick
And now he has transferred all rights to the comic book Salimba back to comics creator Paul Chadwick, better known for Concrete. Nat Gertler Buys Rights To Salimba, Gives Back To Paul Chadwick Chadwick had co-created the character with writer Stephen Perry in the 1980s Salimba, noted as the first comic book character in the "jungle queen" tradition[...]
Legendary Artwork
And as part of the promotional aspects, they each created artwork to run in Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons' Martha Washington series, with Walter Simonson, Paul Chadwick, Arthur Adams and Mike Mignola, each producing a single pin-up image. The original art has recently been unearthed and, inspired by the recent #ComicWritersChallenge, will now be auctioned individually[...]
Paul Chadwick Draws New Concrete Covers For Italy
Panini Comics Italy are commissioning Paul Chadwick to draw brand new covers for the new Italian editions of Concrete. Concrete is a particular favourite pleasure of mine Now, if only they can persuade Paul to create a couple of new Concrete stories for them, which they can then translate into English… Panini Comics Italy are commissioning[...]
Wednesday Comic Revews: Dark Horse Presents #1
Concrete's on the cover, like he never went away, that thick outline of his ripping through the bright pink and yellow of the cover. And so we have Paul Chadwick, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Carla Speed McNeil, Michael T Gilbert, Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Richard Corberm, Randy Stradley, Paul Gulacy, David Chelsea and what other comic[...]
Two Pages From Paul Chadwick's Concrete
We told you about Paul Chadwick's Concrete and Frank Miller's Xerxes being in the new Dark Horse Presents earlier today, then Neal Adams' Blood And now we've got two pages from said Concrete story for our hard work.. We told you about Paul Chadwick's Concrete and Frank Miller's Xerxes being in the new Dark Horse[...]