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Archenemy: Director Adam Egypt Mortimer Talks Film’s Comic Influence
Image courtesy of RLJE Films When it comes to his remaining cast, Mortimer credits Glenn Howerton and Paul Scheer with their comedic backgrounds for giving such intense performances "With all the actors, I was looking for energy in them," he said "Like, for example, you can watch them smoking a cigarette, and you would still feel[...]
Archenemy: Joe Manganiello Shines in Grounded Superhero Tale
The film also stars Luis Kelly-Duarte, Paul Scheer, Mac Brandt, and Kieran Gallagher The film comes to theatres, on-demand, and digital on December 11. Archenemy (2020) poster courtesy of RLJE Films can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: ARCHENEMY Official Trailer (   [...]
Brute Force Comics Boom On eBay After Marvel 616 Episode
The comic book Brute Force, which Paul Scheer wants to make a comic book/animation/toy line out of, as part of a pitch to Marvel for the show, has given the series a new lease of life. The series saw a multinational corporation called, imaginatively, Multicorp cybernetically engineer animals as soldiers only for them to rebel and[...]
Paul Scheer joins Star Trek: Lower Decks (Images: ViacomCBS)
CBS All Access and Rick and Morty writer/executive producer Mike McMahan aren't waiting for this week's Comic-Con@Home to break a little news, with actor/comedian Paul Scheer (Black Monday, The League) joining Star Trek: Lower Decks With the adult animated comedy series set to blast off on August 6 for 10 episodes, Scheer is set to[...]
Galaxy Quest TV Series
Despite multiple starts and stops over the last several years after being floated around, the project is finally gaining steam. Actor/writer Paul Scheer (Veep, Wet Hot American Summer 10 Years Later) is writing the Galaxy Quest series for Amazon Studios, and spoke a little bit about what fans can expect from the show in a recent interview with SlashFilm[...]
Galaxy Quest TV Series
The TV continuation of the 1999 sci-fi comedy has picked back up according to and has writer/comedian Paul Scheer (The League) attached to write the script He replaces Robert Gordon who penned the original film Galaxy Quest has become a cult classic and much beloved by fans It starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and the[...]
NYCC: Talking About The League And Giving Away Footballs
He picks on Kevin until Kevin insists that he is a man.  Of course, the father in law ends up asking Kevin to go to the hunting camp to prove it.  Kevin agrees, but insists that Pete, Ruxin and Taco come with him. The five go to the camp, where they are joined by Raffi who[...]