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For Some Reason, Stephen Curry Is Coming to PGA Tour 2K23
In what seems like a really weird crossover designed to promote the game, Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan are joining the PGA Tour 2K23 roster The multi-time NBA Champion, MVP winner, and several times over All-Star, Curry will be joining a sport he is not normally known for as a regular character in the game[...]
PGA Tour 2K23 Reveals New Info On Course Creation
2K Games revealed more details on the way course creation will work in PGA Tour 2K23, including designs from content creators The Course Designer has been given an upgrade that will give you better options as ell as fixed issues people had with the previous version to allow you to make anything from a single[...]
PGA Tour 2K23 Reveals Roster Of Playable Professional Golfers
2K Games revealed a new trailer this week for PGA Tour 2K23 along with new info about the roster of pro golfers you can play as To be clear, this is not the complete roster that they will be rolling in with, as there's a lot of room left to have golfers past and present[...]
Tiger Woods Graces The Cover Of PGA Tour 2K23
2K Games revealed a ton of details today about PGA Tour 2K23, including showing off all the covers featuring Tiger Woods The game will be an improvement on the previous version, but unlike other 2K titles, this one didn't really need a ton of work as the 2K22 was already pretty good So this time[...]