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PlanetSide 2 Launches The Surf & Storm Update On PC
Rogue Planet Games has officially released a new update for PlanetSide 2 as you can get the Surf & Storm Update on PC This is one of the more interesting updates as they are going far more oceanic, bringing about even more underwater and over the waves combat than before And to help define that,[...]
PlanetSide 2 Launches Brand-New Expedition: Oshur Expansion
Rogue Planet Games has released a brand-new expansion for PlanetSide 2 today as players can jump into the new water-based Expedition: Oshur The team went all out for this one as you are now in a hybrid map that will have you battling on land, sea, and air The new island archipelago of Oshur can[...]
PlanetSide 2 Announces Massive Expansion With Expedition: Oshur
Rogue Planet Games announced this morning they will be releasing a new massive expansion for PlanetSide 2 which will be called Expedition: Oshur The entire crux of this new expansion centers around the addition of an entire continent called Oshur This is the first full-scale continent to be introduced into the game in seven years,[...]
PlanetSide 2 Receives A Massive Update With The Shattered Warpgate
This morning, PlanetSide 2 received a massive update from Rogue Planet Games bringing the new expansion of The Shattered Warpgate This update radically changes parts of the landscape in the MMOFPS, as you'll now have to contend with the elements after the warpgate altered much of the way the environment behaves A good chunk of[...]
PlanetSide 2 Is Getting A New Expansion With The Shattered Warpgate
Rogue Planet Games revealed a new expansion for PlanetSide 2 today as they announced The Shattered Warpgate is on the way This update will evolve the war-torn battlescapes with new open-world storytelling experience in Campaigns Each one will contain multi-staged environmental and gameplay changes for you to experience in new missions as the story unfolds[...]
Daybreak Games Announces All Their Halloween Events in Their Titles
During this event, players can also explore a different Hay Maze every day! PlanetSide 2: Nanite of the Living Dead (Event Dates: Oct 9 – 31, 2018) It's time for the most haunting time of year – the fifth iteration of Nanite of the Living Dead has returned to Auraxis! Players can collect pumpkin seeds, earn an Ectoblaster[...]
Daybreak Games Backpedals from Allegations of Russian Ownership
The studio is mostly known for developing the shooter H1Z1, but has also worked on Everquest II and Planetside 2 However, the developer is in trouble now not for its game history, but a connection to a Russian oligarch Daybreak's ownership has come under fire as many believe that it was investment firm Columbus Nova who bought out[...]
Planetside 2 Director Leaves The Developer Formerly Known As Sony Online Entertainment
Planetside 2 is probably one of the most successful titles developed by Daybreak Game Company in the last few years, who until recently, were known as Sony Online Entertainment The massively multiplayer first person shooter also recently broke the world record for the most players in a sinalge FPS game at one time.  Unfortunately, the game has[...]