Dan Didio Explores the Ethics of Sex Robots in Metal Men #5 This March

Dan Didio Explores the Ethics of Sex Robots in Metal Men #6 This March

DC Publisher Dan Didio isn't shying away from difficult subjects while writing Metal Men with artist Shane Davis. Revealed in DC's full March 2020 solicitations, Metal Men #6 will see Platinum learn that Magnus modeled her after a woman he was attracted to in college, and apparently programmed her to love him. Definitely some ethical […]

Rob Liefeld on Andrew Rev, the New Owner Of Youngblood

We've been looking for Andrew Rev for a couple of decades now. In 1990, the owners of eighties indie comics publisher Comico sold the company to financier Andrew Rev, who let go the staff and began working on relaunching the company. He eventually lost the rights to Matt Wagner's Grendel, a fight that tied Grendel up […]

Triforce Sterling Silver Zelda Wedding Band

Zelda Fans- The Jewelry Of Your Dreams Is Here (And Its Expensive)

Zelda fans- you are going to want to check out this new line of jewelry from Sapphire Studios. The wedding bands and rings are gorgeous and for fans of the Zelda game series, the ultimate way to cement your bond as a couple. Just be prepared for a little bit of sticker-shock. The lowest cost […]

'DC Metal (Men, 2016)' Review: A Truly Metal Comic

Let's talk about Metal, REAL Metal. Let's talk Iron, Lead, Mercury, and…Gold I guess. Let's talk about the Metal Men suckers, YEEAAAAHH *rocking guitar riff*. In honor of Dark Days: Metal, it seemed as appropriate a time as any to talk about DC's original metal, the freaking Metal Men. The Metal Men have a special […]

More Marvel Amazon Fishing And A New Name For Adamantium

So we ran a piece on Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning getting their Guardians Of The Galaxy run collected in complete editions. But they aren't the only big books on the way from Marvel. First there's since from the rather thick paperback Epic Collection line… but no, not Groo The Wanderer. More's the pity. Avengers […]

How A Soft Cowboys & Aliens Opening May Affect Platinum Studios

It is by no means their only movie production. Dylan Dog is coming to DVD and Blu Ray, there is some legacy impact from Men In Black III and there are options on a number of projects, as well as a number of Cowboys & Aliens games But the Cowboys & Aliens movie was Platinum […]

The Secret Story Behind Cowboys And Aliens

So, is this movie based on a comic book? Not a bit of it. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, (the mid nineties) Scott Rosenberg had just sold Malibu to Marvel and as Platinum Studios, he was flush with cash. With Ervin Rustemagić, founder of Strip Art Features in Sarajevo, he gotten […]

Dan Forcey Leaves Platinum Studios

With Cowboys And Aliens getting closer to a release date, Platinum Studios is losing one of their most visible faces. Dan Forcey, VP of Content Development sent out a mass email saying After 9 years of learning a lot and meeting some amazing people, as of today I will no longer be working at Platinum […]

The Great Cowboys & Aliens Scam Has Unexpected Result

Decades ago Scott Rosenberg was faking interest in his comic book Cowboys & Aliens, trying to get it made as a film – despite the comic book not actually existing. All he had was a cool cover and a cool name. He made a splash on the cover of Variety and spent the next years […]

Teaser Trailer For Cowboys And Aliens

It's been a long time coming. Decades since it first made the cover of Variety. But now, Cowboys & Aliens is actually made, with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford from Jon Favreau. And here's the teaser trailer to prove it…