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Be Wary: Pokemon Moon Has Leaked Online
So, this is incredibly unfortunate. The Pokemon reddit has been making a lot of noise today, and it has nothing to do with the election. It seems a rogue ROM of Pokemon Moon has been leaked online 10 days early by way of a 4chan user  (who I won't be linking too) who somehow got a very[...]
Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Coming Holiday 2016
So, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is happening, as expected And also as expected, the game showed up in a very brief Nintendo Direct today. The games will be available on 3DS in 'Holiday 2016' Interestingly, you can use the Pokemon from the upcoming digital versions of Red, Blue and Yellow, store them in the Pokemon[...]
Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Trademarks Found Ahead Of Nintendo Direct
Well, it seems we now know what they might be announcing during it. As spotted by Nerd Leaks, trademarks for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have been spotted There are two logos to accompany this too Again, not confirmation, but I'd call this all convincing Take a look: Beyond that? We don't know too much[...]