Be Wary: Pokemon Moon Has Leaked Online


So, this is incredibly unfortunate.

The Pokemon reddit has been making a lot of noise today, and it has nothing to do with the election. It seems a rogue ROM of Pokemon Moon has been leaked online 10 days early by way of a 4chan user  (who I won't be linking too) who somehow got a very early copy of the game. It's unclear where this came from, but word is it's a legitmate copy.

I only report it to say, be wary of spoilers. The copy is supposedly a little difficult to get running anyways, but it will be in the hands of people who might be looking to ruin the fun of those hoping to go into the game spoiler free.

And it should go without saying, but I seriously, seriously advise against trying to find this copy online. Not only is it very illegal to steal a game, and there is no telling what the copy could do to a 3DS or if Nintendo will be doing something to foil the ROM, but paying developers for their work makes the industry go around.

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