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Netflix's latest feature film release, Polar, is an enjoyable carnival ride of violence and mayhem that will directly appeal to fans of the Smokin' Aces and John Wick family of films about assassins/agents who wind up being marked for "retirement" by their friendly local governments/crime bosses and they choose not to go down without a[...]
We Chat With Director Jonas Akerlund About Netflix's 'Polar'
Netflix is releasing Polar, a film by director Jonas Akerlund starring Mads Mikkelson and Vanessa Hudgens based on the graphic novel series by Victor Santos this week We were lucky enough to be able to see the film early, and speak with Akerlund about the resulting movie. There aren't spoilers here, other than allusions to strong emotional work from Mikkelson and[...]
Mads Mikkelsen in Polar
Mads Mikkelsen does his best John Wick impression for his latest Netflix film, Polar. Based on the 2012 Victor Santos webcomic of the same name published by Dark Horse Comics, Mikkelsen plays Duncan Vizla, an internationally renowned assassin coming out of retirement to seek revenge against his former employer, who placed a hit on him Like[...]
Mads Mikkelsen Polar
Netflix and Constantine Film have started production on Polar, a new film based on the Dark Horse noir graphic novel Polar: Came From the Cold by Victor Santos The film is described as the world's top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka the Black Kaiser, is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a[...]
Mads Mikkelsen To Star In Adaptation Of Victor Santos' Polar
Mads Mikkelsen will star in an adaptation of Polar: Came With The Cold, the Dark Horse graphic novel by Victor Santos, according to a press release from the publisher. Jonas Åkerlund is directing the film, from a screenplay by Jayson Rothwell. "Mads Mikkelsen was born to play the world's best assassin," said producer and person whose name suggests[...]
Meet The Refined Version Of Polar From 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy'
Like a weird, somewhat-real version of Yoshi, Polar is a small polar bear cub who acts as your sidekick/pet in Crash Bandicoot games Now we can confirm that the little dude will be returning in the upcoming Activision title Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy The devs have given us a short 16-second clip of him in[...]
Victor Santos Shows His Process On Polar Vol 3: No Mercy For Sister Maria
The piece is from the upcoming Dark Horse graphic novel Polar Vol 3: No Mercy For Sister Maria, a 160 page noir / action hardcover shipping in August It is the third volume in the webcomic collection. A mob boss discovers his young wife, Maria—seeking an escape from a life of organized crime—has been hiding in[...]
Dark Horse Puts Words To Victor Salas' Polar
Dark Horse Comics is to publish Polar, the silent webcomic by Victor Santos in print, for the first time, with dialogue, in hardcover. A pulp noir action adventure, Santos sees Polar as originally "a tribute to the greatness of graphic storytelling Watching it improve and evolve into the version readers will see in the book printed[...]