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Over the holidays we were sent many new controllers to review, one of which was PowerA's Nintendo Switch Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller Much like some of their previous controllers of this design, it is built to light up and give you a handle little design if you decide to play in the dark or in[...]
PowerA Reveals New Accessories For Pokémon's 25th Anniversary
PowerA has revealed a new line of Pokémon accessories for the Nintendo Switch to celebrate the game's 25th Anniversary The company will be releasing these special anniversary editions of the Pro-Controller and Nintendo Switch protection case, both approved by the company as officially licensed products Both of these have been designed to have a unique[...]
PowerA Reveals The Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick For Nintendo Switch
PowerA revealed a brand new item for the Nintendo Switch this week as we got a look at the Fusion Wireless Arcade Stick For the players who were wondering if they could ever get an arcade stick for Nintendo's current consoles, now you have one to play games like Mortal Kombat with as you get[...]
PowerA Releases The Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For PS4
PowerA has released a brand new version of their Fusion Pro Wireless Controller, only this version will be for the PS4 The design is a great upgrade for those who aren't able to pay for or get ahold of a PS5 yet, and also feels like a regular controller instead of Sony's regular design You[...]
PowerA Has Officially Been Acquired By ACCO Brands
A bit of a surprise merger this morning as PowerA revealed they have officially been acquired by ACCO Brands The latter revealed the news on their website, as they will fully take over the gaming peripherals company and bring them under their umbrella While the details of the acquisition have not been made public, they[...]
We Review The PowerA Nano Controller For Nintendo Switch
A short time ago we were sent a brand new gaming controller to try out as PowerA revealed the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch The company has released a number of officially licensed Nintendo products over the years that we've had a chance to scope out, and many of them work really well[...]
PowerA Reveals Their MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller
PowerA revealed an all-new Xbox-licensed controller this week with the MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller The goal of the new controller is to give players a way to play their Xbox games from the cloud on a mobile phone or tablet with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate As well as being optimized for other controller enabled[...]
PowerA Announces They've Acquired Fellow Audio Brand LucidSound
In one of the more surprising acquisitions of the year, PowerA revealed they have acquired LuicidSound this week While the two companies worked within the same field of providing audio devices and equipment for gamers, specifically gaming headsets, they haven't really been viewed as competition for each other as they tend to explore different aspects[...]
PowerA Introduces New Line Of FUSION Pro Wired Controllers
PowerA introduced two new game controllers to their lineup this week with the FUSION Pro Wired Controller and the FUSION Wired FightPad The first one is specifically designed for the Xbox One in both black and white for $70, while the second is made for all three major consoles for $60 As you can see[...]
A New "Overwatch" Case Leads To Rumors Of A Switch Port
The case was made by PowerA, who have been creating some really awesome cases for the console, one of which we reviewed of this same kind for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. credit//Amazon The big significance of all of this… Overwatch isn't on the Nintendo Switch At least, not yet[...]
Nintendo Switch To Get A Special Spyro Controller From PowerA
The Nintendo Switch is going to get a special new controller through PowerA as the company will be releasing this Spyro controller The company has made a number of cool custom controllers for video games for the Switch We've reviewed a couple ourselves in the past featuring The Legend Of Zelda and Diablo artwork on[...]
Atari Partners With PowerA For VCS Peripherals
This morning, Atari made the announcement that they were partnering with PowerA to create peripherals for the Atari VCS leading up to its launch Medium had the complete exclusive today in which they detailed the two different controllers being made for the console The first being the classic joystick we all love and remember, only[...]
Review: PowerA Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers
We got a number of items to review from PowerA when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but the ones we were most excited to try were their Pro Controllers Technically, the item is called an "Enhanced Wireless Controller", but we know better, this is an officially licensed third-party Pro Controller Which is a godsend[...]
Review: PowerA's Nintendo Switch Travel Protection Kit
Last week we reviewed the Nintendo Switch Travel Kit created by PowerA, but that was only half of the travel needs as we also received the Travel Protection Kit And not just any version either, as we received The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild edition to try out We've been traveling with this[...]
Review: PowerA's Nintendo Switch Travel Kit
So when PowerA sent us their Travel Kit for review, I jumped at the chance to use it Trave; kits have been a thing since the original Game Boy was introduced, providing ways to keep your portable game systems protected, charged, and sometimes enhanced as you make use of it on car trips, business trips,[...]