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Kodansha Offers Eight Award-Winning Full Series On Humble Bundle

Kodansha Offers Eight Award-Winning, Full Series On Humble Bundle

The bundle includes Beck, Parasyte, Princess Jellyfish, Your Lie In April, Space Brothers, Descending Stories, To Your Eternity, and Love Hina.[caption id="attachment_1217026" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The image for Humble Manga Bundle via the KodanshaUSA Twitter[/caption] by publication date alone, the bundle is an interesting survey of releases.Parasyte (1988-1995) Love Hina (1998-2001) Beck (1999-2008) Space Brothers[...]

The Look Of Masaki Suda Crossing Gender For Live Action Princess Jellyfish

The Look Of Masaki Suda, Crossing Gender, For Live Action Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish is a manga comic written and illustrated by Akiko Higashimura, first published in 2008 It was adapted into a one series anime in 2010 and now a live action adaptation is being filmed.The story focuses on housing complex in Tokyo where only women are allowed Tsukimi Kurashita is a young women fixated by jellyfish stems,[...]