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Prison Architect Receives New Environment Pack
Paradox Interactive revealed two new additions coming to Prison Architect as it's getting a free DLC and a paid Jungle Pack DLC The Jungle Pack is the latest paid DLC that is basically an aesthetic pack for the simulator, as you'll be given a lush tropical forest to work with for your setting You'll have[...]
Prison Architect Unveils The Future Tech Pack
Paradox Interactive has revealed the next update to Prison Architect, as you'll soon be getting some technical upgrades for the prisons The company revealed the new Future Tech Pack, which will be adding a number of futuristic features that make your prison look like a prison from every dystopian TV show and film you've ever[...]
Prison Architect To Receieve New Undead Expansion On PC & Consoles
Paradox Interactive revealed a brand new expansion coming to Prison Architect next week as the undead are taking over Literally called "Undead," this expansion will add in zombies and other horrors, just in time for Halloween, as you will have to fend off this new threat in a weird system where guards and prisoners alike[...]
Prison Architect Announces New "Free For Life" Update
Paradox Interactive revealed a new free expansion coming to Prison Architect, which they will be calling Free For Life This will actually be the first of a series of updates coming to the game which will greatly improve and add more content to the game that you never thought possible This particular update focuses on[...]
Prison Architect Announces Brand New DLC Bringing In Gangs
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven revealed the latest DLC content coming to Prison Architect as Gangs will be added to the mix The new content will add in a piece of prison life they've mostly avoided putting in for a while as you will have the option to join up with a gang for protection[...]
Paradox Interactive Releases Prison Architect: Perfect Storm
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven dropped a new update into Prison Architect this week as players can now experience the Perfect Storm This latest update throws a bit of chaos into the mix as players will have to deal with the unpredictability of nature This content introduces calamities, such as lightning storms and other issues[...]
Prison Architect Releases Second Chances DLC With Animal Therapy
Paradox Interactive has released the Second Chances DLC for Prison Architect where yes, you can indeed pet the dog The crux of this update is to rehabilitate prisoners, which is something people have been asking to be added to the game for a long time! Clear back to when it was originally released and people[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals New Prison Architect DLC: Going Green
Paradox Interactive revealed a brand new DLC pack coming to Prison Architect with the addition of Going Green You may not be aware, but some prisons use their prisoners to do all sorts of labor, some as a service to the city it's in and others for rehabilitation efforts or to help them find a[...]
Paradox Interactive Reveals Prison Architect 5th Anniversary Plans
Paradox Interactive Revealed last week their plans to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Prison Architect, which has a few surprises The company has been working hard to make the game awesome over the years with several DLC packs and a ton of free content that basically has made it one of the top simulator games[...]
Prison Architect Island Bound Main Art
This morning, Paradox Interactive revealed their latest DLC addition to Prison Architect with another DLC called Island Bound When prisoners can't be contained on the mainland, the next best solution is to send them to an island prison This expansion flows smoothly into the already existing content of the game and essentially expands everything with[...]
Prison Architect Cleared For Transfer
Paradox Interactive revealed today that Prison Architect now has a new expansion as your prisoners are now Cleared For Transfer Developer Double Eleven added the update, which is essentially a ton of additional layers of complexity to inmate management This will allow you to micromanage at a level you never thought possible before in the[...]
"Prison Architect – Psych Ward: Wardens Edition" Revealed At PDXCON
Ever since Paradox Interactive took over the rights to Prison Architect, we've been curious as to what they had planned for the game During PDXCON, we finally got to see some fruits of their labor as they introduced us to Psych Ward: Wardens Edition This is an expansion onto the game that will allow you[...]
Auto Draft
Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven are releasing a brand new update to Prison Architect as the game reaches a very specific milestone The two companies have partnered together moving forward with the game to bring in a new update called "The Clink", adding a bunch of new features to the prison system in the game[...]
Paradox Interactive has purchased all rights and assets for the Prison Architect IP, a BAFTA award-winning management simulation game developed by Introversion Software Paradox will take ownership of Prison Architect on all current and any future platforms, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs, as well as Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles[...]
'Prison Architect' Will Be Getting An "Escape Mode" Expansion
Some awesome news for fans of Prison Architect as the developers will be releasing new DLC next year "Escape Mode" is pretty much like it sounds, where instead of being one of the people running the system, you're a prisoner in the system trying to break out The mode is already in the PC version,[...]