Paradox Interactive Reveals Prison Architect Fifth Anniversary Plans

Paradox Interactive Revealed last week their plans to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Prison Architect, which has a few surprises. The company has been working hard to make the game awesome over the years with several DLC packs and a ton of free content that basically has made it one of the top simulator games of the past decade. Now they're looking to pay it forward a bit with some stuff to make the game pop. While nothing specifically was announced this past week in terms of content, we know for a fact they are working on something awesome that longtime fans will appreciate.

But to tide you over and give newcomers a chance to get into the action, they listed off all of the player insight numbers over the years and have launched an official sale. You can read the details on both below as this is one of the few times they have slashed prices on the content in a long time. I mean, come on, the game is just $6 right now on Steam, that's a literal steal. We'll let you know when new content is announced for the game.

Five years of building facilities how you decide, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.
Five years of building facilities how you decide, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.

The team is putting the finishing touches on the video asset, but we'll be sure to share it with you as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, here's some insight into player activity over the years:

Starting Tuesday, new players can purchase the Prison Architect base game on Steam for 80% off, Psych Ward: Warden's Edition for 25% off and 33% off Island Bound for 48 hours as part of a Steam Daily Deal. A breakdown of pricing can be found below:

$6.00 USD / €5 Euro / £4.80 GBP

$4.50 USD / €6.60 Euro / £3.60 GBP

$6.60 USD / €6.60 Euro / £4.80 GBP

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