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And So They Persisted: Capital Gazette Publishes Paper Day After Shooting
The journalism and publication world watched in outrage and horror as a gunman opened fire on the Capital Gazette building yesterday in Annapolis, Maryland. Mere hours after the chaos had begun to settle, journalists were hard at work on publishing the paper for the next day. In the hours after a shooting in their newsroom, Capital Gazette[...]
comics distribution channels
If the cost outweighs the production and manufacturing then consider getting a publishing deal 2 If matters are equal then a print-on-demand scenario (Amazon Createpace and Ingram Lightning Source) May work for you 3 If you can afford startup costs for equipment consider buying your own printing setup You can make significant profit margins. I did[...]
Avatar Press HQ Hit By Lightning
 The Avatar team appreciates the concern and patience of everyone during the reconstruction. Avatar Press has often been billed as a "lightning rod" when it comes to controversial publishing, but today that reputation turned out to be a little too literal for everyone's tastes. [Rich adds "do you think God just got round to reading Chronicles Of[...]
Radical Publishing Drops Out Of Free Comic Book Day
But when Weaver sets free an imprisoned Wraith on the promise he will help, has she unwittingly triggered the second Great Faerie War? Radical Publishing executives did not reply to emails. With Free Comic Book Day several weeks away, now it's time to find out… the books you won't be getting. We already know that, after a[...]
Disney Publishing To Move Into The Same Building As Marvel Comics
By moving into the same building. Recently, Marvel have been publishing a number of Disney titles, some developed by Boom, some by Disney Italia While Disney Publishing has been developing kid-friendly Marvel stories for publication and licensing worldwide, with the help of ex-DC editors Nachie Castro, Janelle Assellin and Michael Siglain. Now, I understand that parts of Disney Publishing[...]