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There's A Hidden Cortana Message In The "Halo Infinite" Trailer
For fans, we had been so focused on just seeing a real trailer instead of just random shots of scenery that very few of us caught a secret message hidden within the trailer itself. credit//343 Industries As you can see from the tweet below, a user named Xepal found a hidden QR Code in the trailer when[...]
Swipe File: X-O Manowar And Reporters Without Borders
Press ads in which the reader can scan the QR code, place their iPhone over the political leader and see a reporter speak the truth for them about their regime and their censorship of the media   It was a rather good idea Valiant seem to have thought so too. In Swipe File we present two[...]
Getting Silly With The Talking X-O Manowar Poster
This is the Valiant promo for the talking X-O Manowar poster, that uses a QR Code to launch a video on an smartphone, becoming the mouth of the character; [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g8oHwNeYck[/youtube] Drawn by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, scripted by Robert Venditti and animated by Neal Adams' Continuity Studios This is a video of it in action at the most recent[...]